Easy to understand pilot study guide manuals for the Boeing Dreamliner. This assumes that you have gotten the official manuals (FCOM. This Flight Crew Operations Manual (FCOM) has been prepared by . customer document number is composed of the general FCOM. The Boeing Dreamliner is a long-haul twin-engine jet airliner that usually accommodates between to passengers in typical three-class seating.

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Request further directions from ATC. Take-off Weightlbskg Entertainment System: To use all features of kenya-airways.

Every three years i am flying to nairobi with your ! Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. The cockpit of the B and B are so similar, however, that we are allowed to fly both. Our technical pilots, Captain Frank Hofstra and First Officer Wido de Wilde, will first conduct comprehensive tests to fcm if the aircraft meets specifications, before the official transfer takes place.

Boeing 787

Well done KLM fcmo again, very best wishes for the future of the Ziet er mooi uit! But seriously, ccom new plane will be a huge step forward on several levels, including fuel efficiency. So fcm setting full thrust will put you in the coffin corner eventually rather than overspeeding? We’re still working on Failure Checklists and some extra checklists and will put them up when ready. Leuk om te lezen hoe de vliegers zich voorbereiden op de Dreamliner. Post as a guest Name.

This was arranged because KLM needs a number of pilots with experience to operate the first B flights. Ask us about our new Maintenance Training Services for your maintenance training needs.

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It confirms that we have faith in the future of our airline and that we will be working with the very latest technology, allowing us to offer our customers a cutting-edge product.

These checklists are based on real documentation but are still not recommended to be used in real aviation. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have ccom our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Around 90 pilots have already completed their B training and are eager to put their new training into practice in the near future.

Pushing the thrust levers forward will result in a climb at the current speed due to the fly-by-wire design—only the trim buttons change the “trim reference speed”. This site best viewed using Internet Explorer 11 and higher or Fire Fox 3. A flaps requirement calculator will be available on the CDU in the near future. Click here to read Passport requirements when travelling to Mayotte.

Boeing Dreamliner: Operating Manual and Checklists – FlightGear wiki

To take over from the Auto-brake, apply manual brakes, and use manual brakes to slow down to taxi speed max. Every aspect of the new B has been evaluated from a safety point of view.

Is the simulator by Thalys or by Thales?

This new plane really gives us faith in our operational future. If you do, the Fly-by-wire will reduce throttle to keep you under the limits.

The looks so sleek and beautiful, so good to hear comments from those about to fly it on its maiden voyage and future flights. Complimenten voor je blog, Bauke! The benefits of registering with MyBoeingTraining include: Nairobi will still be serviced 7887 our good-old Classic B Take-off Weightlbskg.


Am sure hopefully I get to fly this B on one of your kL flight when I visit my daughter over at Holland. Please view the media description page for details about the license of specific media files. Our maintenance staff goes through extensive training programs to get qualified for working on a new type of airplane.

This new feature is made possible by the use of composite materials, which are stronger than aluminium, in constructing the fuselage. Save Saved Save for later Saved for later. Other than wasting fuel, what maximum speeds are reached? Typical Cruise Speed 35,ft altitude 0. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. We can use those experiences to guide our own training. Total volume 4, cu ft Overspeed protection limits the speed to which the airplane can be trimmed.

In case of a go-around7787 to full throttle, and confirm fvom climb. Once the column forces are trimmed to zero, the airplane maintains a constant speed with no column inputs. Gimmicks are good, but getting to my destination in one piece is what I would like, and anything that negates from that, we can all do without.

Safety is and will remain our prime focus. But in order to take a new aircraft into operation, we need to prepare extensively.