This tutorial will go through all the basics of FlashPunk. After following it, you’ll be ready to make a simple game with this amazing library!. Browse FlashPunk tutorial direct from indie game developers. Create a simple platformer-style game from scratch using only your brain and FlashPunk! – zachwlewis/FlashPunk-Platform-Tutorial.

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Much like defining animations for Spritemaps, the Input class has the define method, that lets you bundle a group of keys under one label. So if we have an Entity called Playerin it we can define hitbox parameters like this:.

FlashPunk Tutorial How to make your avatar move | The Doglion

If you save that and then run your game, your Entity will render the assigned Graphic at its current location, which is 0, 0 by default top-left corner of flashhpunk screen. Entity ; import net. Following this is a bunch of if else calls that all check whether a particular key is being pressed.

There, put this image file. Also, I recommend that you follow the series in order, because the posts build up on each other. For this example, I will open up our MyEntity class and embed it like so:.


Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public. The first line embeds the file found at the specified location relative to this classand the second line assigns that embedded file to a property.

Both ways work the same, so you can do it whichever way you prefer. Look at the dimensions of the spritesheet.

You get the idea now, yes? The speed limit is used to define the speed of the player. The same procedure is used for vertical movement. So now, what if we want the Bullet to be destroyed when the Player collides with it?

We RTFM for you.

The player input governs the movement and animation. I set the hitbox values two different ways here.

But FlashPunk also supports more specific collision behavior as well. Entity types must be a string value, and do not have to share a name with their corresponding object. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Engine ; import net.

Tutorials – FlashPunk

Those frames are falshpunk played at a certain frequency so as to simulate motion. Illegal assignment to class Player. Immediately after this function is called, the game loop will start ticking and your game will run.

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Flashpknk time, instead of putting collide in the statement, we just assign its return value to a variable. Have you or anyone found any web with characterset models to walk in the 8 directions? We then define a speed limit and the curAnimation variable of type String. So to initiate your FlashPunk game, your Main class will look something like this:. Speed means change of position per frame each for the X and Y axis.

Tutorials – FlashPunk – Indie DB

First off, we load our spritesheet into the dlashpunk using the Embed, that defines the relative filepath to the player.

More complex games, such as a level-based platformer, might have a menu World and then a separate World for each level of the game. So now, when our World is created and set active, it will tell this Entity to update and render.

When FlashPunk starts ticking, the game loop updates a specific World.