Flower shop by London designer Lee Broom

London designer Lee Broom presented his last furniture and vases collection against the background of flowers and plants in his shop.

The installation Broom called «immersive trip through the flower sea» (immersive means «creating the presence effect») was displayed in the designer’s shop at Rivington street in London during the entire London Design Festival that took place from 19 to 27 of September.



Lee Broom created the Flower Shop to demostrate his collection of podium vases that represent glass vessels of various forms installed on marble bases.



In addition, the designer showed some pieces from his department store furniture and accessories collection that was presented in Milan this year. Design, arrangement and color combinations of the plants that served as the background for collections, were preliminary considered to perfectly match all the products.


The designer used long-stem flowers to put into the vases and surrounded them with other flowers in vitrines scattered throughout the shop and in panels covering the walls.



Cylindrical marble lamps from Nouveau Rebel collection were placed beside glass tubes filled with white flowers; pots with red chrysanthemums were put under Hoop hanging chair with the same red upholstery.



Other Broom’s products including cristal lamp and various lighting devices were displayed on the shelves the back panel of which was embellished by blue petals located in staggered rows.



The designer also invited food writer Pip McCormac to create botanic dishes and drinks.


After the festival ended, Broom carried reconstruction of his shop and added all presented items to other collections on continuing basis. The vases can be purchased in the shop or online during the next six months.


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