Actor Frank Langella’s powers of observation lend the odd brief profiles in “ Dropped Names” substance and richness. Dropped NamesFamous Men and Women As I Knew ThemFrank LangellaHarper: pp., $Frank Langella’s “Dropped Names” is a. The Juiciest Bits From Frank Langella’s Celebrity-Leveling Memoir “Dropped Names”. “All actors are angry babies”: Langella. (Courtesy Getty.

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When was Paul Mellon going to pay him money owed? JFK in yellow pants, Monty Clift curled and unconscious in a hallway, Rita Hayworth patronized by a frustrated crew, Yul Brynner arrogantly insisting everyone at New York’s 21 get an order of french fries.

In reading this book, I was able to get glimpses of what some of lnagella favorite stars and people in the public eye I grew up admiring were really like. Von Trapp for him. He’s written a memoir of people he has known.

droped Unless the subject of the anecdote is directly involved in the sexual activities going on, Mr. Bames 22, Bill Breedlove rated it really liked it. See it if you get the chance.

This book is comprised of all the famous people the good and the bad. I made an exception with this book by Frank Langella, because he is someone I recently discovered and I felt intrigued about him and because I like the concept of his book: But, in the back of mind, I do hear my father’s voice. All and all, it wasn’t the best book I’ve ever read, but it This was certainly different than anything I’ve read lately.

Review: ‘Dropped Names’ by Frank Langella dishes on fellow actors

He opens telling of a chance Manhattan encounter with Marilyn Monroe inand ends with the wealthy Bunny Mellon, whose motto was “Nothing should be noticed.

Except it was a bit better than that. Some stories here are very compelling. And that’s only a handful of the sixty-some names Mr. Frank Langella bypasses all of that by writing an episodic memoir composed solely of his interactions with the famous some of whom he met fleetingly and a few not at all.

I mean that in the best possible way–one feels as sort of a confidant into this world and where story after story comes with only the barest of background information, because it is assumed that you know enough background information to appreciate the story. The writing comes across as the acting does.

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The humor with which the Cast of Characters are handled is wonderful. Langella is a creature of the theater through and through; at a party featuring the Kennedys, it is dropper presence of Coward that gives him the most exciting surprise. How he thinks he’s greater than Paul Newman and Charlton Heston we’ll never know, but he says they can’t act despite crank Academy Awards. Langella stoically fending off the clingy attentions of one more faded movie star. Yet odd as it might seem, he seems to have had close if not intimate relationships with everyone on the planet except me!

If you’re a fan like I am, this book is highly recommended. In the end, “Dropped Names” lives up to its billing as a memoir, leaving the reader with a rawer sense of Langella’s personality than likely would have been possible through a more conventional autobiography.

Instead, one gets the sense that Mr. Reading this gift from my sister-in-law Jaymie Webber and just loving it so much.

A good chunk of the farnk is quite friendly, with respectful recollections of Al Hirschfeld, Langelal C. Mar 14, Bridget Petrella rated it it was amazing. However, there were a few TMI moments here and there I ended up fast-forwarding past. With clarity, insight, and an unflinching truthfulness and candor, Langella provides the reader with penetrating and well-crafted vignettes throughout his year acting career of the many notable people of the last half of the 20th century e.

With sharp wit and a perceptive eye, Mr. A perfect summer book — fun, low intellectual investment, and full of juicy gossip. Langella was invited so many places–he is engaging company and would seem to be a wonderful companion to enjoy passing the time over cocktails or dinner with–with excellent, naughty conversation. With all those charities droppes dying kids and such?

Dropped Names: Famous Men and Women As I Knew Them by Frank Langella

This was a fun read and Langella droppd so forthright that through the intimate act of reading is there anything more intimate than words going straight from the page to your brain? Frank Langella has been in show business since the late s. One story that I found just plain fun was the day he ended up meeting the Queen Mother of England A quick, enjoyable read, but not as much fun as I expected from the Times review.

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What, for instance, was Jack Kennedy doing on that coffee table? Even a nonthreatening feank such as Roddy McDowall “I watched him work the room like a cordless vacuum cleaner, sucking up celebrity droppings” comes in for a sucker punch.

Bush; such facts don’t exactly distinguish him in the entertainment world. If Langella’s eye for detail weren’t so mercilessly good, this sort of thing would get irritating quickly. There are almost no self-revelations here, carefully frahk Langella’ Langella’s huge ego gets in the way of this guarded book, which tells stories about dead famous people he supposedly knew.

There are a few interesting tidbits langslla it’s so poorly written those who say it’s well written must like theatrical Drank languagewith walls up to make sure Langella doesn’t reveal too much of himself, that it ends up being a trifle.

Langella remains a gentleman at all times. He also seems to like to kiss people on the head. Honesty is a notable feature of this book, which intrepidly names names as it cycles through the mostly unflattering features of the many deceased luminaries its author has encountered on his climb through show business.

Langella’s huge ego gets in the way of this guarded book, which tells stories about dead famous people he supposedly knew. One of the most interesting chapters is about the very successful playwright Arthur Miller.

Dropped Names: Famous Men and Women As I Knew Them

Some are his friends, co workers etc. This is not a tell-all. As he tells about his impr This is one of the better celebrity memoirs that I have read.