Harem [Colin Falconer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. He had everything a man might dream of; wealth, power and the choice of. Harem by Colin Falconer – book cover, description, publication history. Last seen amidst the bloodthirsty Aztecs (Feathered Serpent, ), Falconer checks into a Turkish harem.

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Falconer makes it difficult not to admire our cold-blooded heroine, who staunchly refuses to be a good little harem girl and concubine to the man who bought her from her parents. Want to Read saving….

Cora Ramos rated it really liked it Mar 24, My only real complaint about the novel is that for such a falcnoer book, the proofreading was not so great. He looked as if he were about to faint. Nah, awalnya aku suka, aku memang selalu suka cerita ttg kehidupan di balik istana, apalagi kalau sudah mengisahkan intrik2 para perempuannya.

Tapi bukan, ini bukan Sulaiman itu.

Ketelanjangan menjadi sesuatu yang wajar di dalam Harem, karena di sana semuanya wanita, satu-satunya lelaki adalah budak penjaga Harem yang sudah dikebiri. Colin Falconer wraps history in melodrama and makes it entertaining every time. While it bites off an awful lot, and drags towards the end, it’s a fun, captivating read. Seluk-beluk Harem, sudut-sudut Istana Topkapi, semuanya menjadi unsur yang melengkapi sebuah versi sejarah alternatif dari sebuah masa kejayaan kekhalifahan Aflconer abad ke Dari awal sampai akhir, gak ada colih sama sekali dari “korban-korban”-nya si Hurrem.

It was nothing like that. She damned near fainted. But what was that world really like? But the young Sultan was often away at war and when he did return he neglected his harem for just one favourite wife.

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Life in an Ottoman Harem by Colin Falconer

But it will all count for nothing unless you get pregnant and bear the Sultan a son. This peek behind the walls of the seraglio will seduce lovers of large-scale historical fiction. Is our dark heroine really so unusual in her hate and cruelty, cooin are her sisters in the harem just as enraged but powerless to act out?

A few years ago he stopped writing. Dengan memperistri secara sah seorang gadis dari Harem, Sulaiman sebenarnya telah melanggar tradisi Turki.

Harem by Colin Falconer | The Mad Reviewer

And she is falcner as a bitter, scheming, bitch of a woman. This book is a fictionalized account of Suleiman’s reign, beginning with his successful campaign against the Christian stronghold of Rhodes in and carrying through his relations with his sons over who would be sultan after him.

The book’s title comes from the fact that one of its main characters is a woman from Suleiman’s harem who became his favorite wife, or kadinand it also illustrates the kinds of politics that occurred within the harem and influenced events outside the harem as well.

Tokoh-tokoh sejarah lainnya di seputar Sulaiman dihidupkan dalam novel yang sensual sekaligus sensasional faoconer. Your father and brothers are dead.


They could not pronounce my name. She should beg his forgiveness for breaking the silence.

The Venice story didn’t hold my interest as well as the story set inside the Harem — that story had complex characters, with very complex motivations and intrigue. One day you will wait with a hundred other girls in the court of the harem, pearls and jewels glittering in the sun.

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Posted by Lisa Yarde at 9: Eunuch Guard, Tunis Endlessly manipulative and clever, she carefully arranges falfoner downfall of her rivals and endears herself to the Sultan, which places her at the center of the Empire’s power. This is more the tale of three very different women than the tale of Suleiman, but the thought is definitely there. He asked the wind to carry his words across the plain so that she would remember him.

Since it follows the historical course of events of Suleiman’s reign the book doesn’t calconer the sort of self-contained story arc that pure fiction might, so the end is, predictably, a little disappointing–the main characters all age and many of them die, the end. The Kapi Aga wanted her to break the sacred silence of the Harem? Is the life one lives better in the Harem especially as a woman under the scrutiny of the Sultan, or outside, where one is “free” but living under the scrutiny of the Sultan’s minions?

The courtyard was paved with almond-shaped cobblestones and dominated by an ornate marble fountain.