3 Nov IBPS Clerk Numerical Ability: Practice Questions and Answers based on RATIOS and AVERAGES. 13 Apr Read this blog for IBPS Clerk Numerical Ability Preparation Tips. We’ll be happy to answer any questions or clear any doubts that you. 24 Aug Quantitative Aptitude Questions with answers and explanation for Bank Exam SBI IBPS PO Clerk, SSC, Railway, IAS & and Entrance Test.

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Hence, there is need of only one variable! Click below to know more detail about: What is the weight of the new student who joined the class? How much money did B get?

What is the total expense by the whole group? Short Method Instead of doing so much calculation, let us try to visualize the situation. This is a clear indication of the increasing level of IBPS Exams and hence, you need to keep your preparation abreast with the latest pattern changes as well as exam level.

Share on Share Tweet Share. Time and Work Questions and Solutions. Queestions we have repeatedly mentioned earlier, Prelims phase is basically a test witj your speed and accuracy. Grasp the basics of Time and Work Dec 15 upvotes.

How to Prepare for IBPS Clerk Numerical Ability

The calculations will not be worth the time you spend. Even the topics that are usually asked in the Mains phase, i. You should invest this time on the more easily doable questions instead. Now this approach is simple but lengthy and time consuming in terms of calculations. You just need to carefully observe the pattern. Grasp the basic concepts. This means that the triangles will always be similar. The 7 people who paid have paid the amount below the net average.

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However, practice some calculative sets of tabular, pie, bar and line based graphs as well. Quantitative Aptitude Quiz For analysis of your preparation, you must practice full-length mock tests of exams you are preparing for so as to check your performance level. Once the concept is understood, the questions become much easier to tackle.

IBPS Clerk Numerical Ability: RATIOS and AVERAGES Practice Questions

Please note since the options of this question are far apart from each other, there is not even any need to perform the actual calculation of X1. Now, even if the answeers of both these increase proportionally, the angle of elevation will always remain the same.

Now, let us have a look at the important tips questione tricks that will help you score numetical marks in this section of IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam. This value should correspond to the selling price. If the number of Rs. Input – Output Based Questions.

Let us first build the ratio of boys to girls based on the information in the question. This donation will be equivalent to the net decrease in the average weight that is grams. We provide the most time-effective solution to each question by minimizing the calculation involved. With just 2 months away to Prelims exam, there is no time to waste. How to solve Quadratic Equations.

Share on Share Tweet Share. What is the average score of boys?

How many men are needed to build a road of length meters in 15 days, if they all work for 12 hours a day? The Prelims examination is important because the marks of this exam will be considered for selection for the Mains of the CWE Clerk V exam. Jan 10 upvotes. But the trick is in minimizing the number of variables by developing relations between A, B and C. Nuerical to solve Number Series. ib;s


Time, Speed and Distance Questions. Please note that either B or C can be considered as the variable and the other can be derived from one. However, each question is based on an underlying concept which is repeated on a yearly basis.

We have shared the topics asked under this segment above. Hence, clear your concepts of each and every topic asked in the numerical ability section and make sure that you have a thorough practice of them.

Concluding, we would just like to add that no matter how much you mug up the short tricks or formulas of different topics unless you practice questions based on them thoroughly, they will be of no use in e the am.

Keep a list of formulae that you can refer to frequently till you have memorised them all.

Just the numeric values in the questions changes. Remember, these questions are usually based on basic arithmetic operations or their combination. After 6 kg donation from all the students, the weight of this new student is brought to the new average abilitu is The Common Written Examination CWE for recruitment of officers and clerks is now mandatory for employment in Indian public sector and regional rural banks.

It just requires your understanding of the various arithmetic topics. This quesstions things greatly.

Login to post comments. The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection IBPS is an organization that conducts tests and drives for recruitment into banks as bank clerks and officers.