22 Dec Index Astartes is a feature that used to run in the White Dwarf magazine (back when it was still good). The series was presented as entries from. + Index Astartes +: And They Shall Know No Fear: Other Space Marine Chapters . The Adeptus Astartes are genetically engineered warriors, created by the Emperor of Mankind and tempered by centuries of bloody warfare. The Index Astart.

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Howling griffons – tactical squad in rhino led by jump chaplain.

Index Astartes II (Warhammer 40,000)

Read Currently Reading Want to Read. Matt added it Jun 05, I have an array of captains, priests and chaplains as seen below, as well as a few other supporting units. In terms of the armoury, I have 6 rhino chassis and a land raider which are magnetised for different loadouts. Obviously all the bases are finished nicely but the models themselves have a fair way to go.

Stephen Govan marked it as to-read Oct 03, The holy tome of the Space Marines WD Sign In Create Account. Cult of the Machine God: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads astarhes.

Sadly my terminator priests were no longer valid and so got converted into an ancient and one still remains as a priest for posterity. Started by MillionsSons16 Jan This book is not yet featured on Listopia.


If you already have an account, login here – otherwise create an account for free today! I indfx a bit of the budget left to address this with later in the year.

Index Astartes II (Warhammer 40,) by Andy Chambers

Posted by Jimbo at Claws and Effect 23 Apr Shelve Tactical Dreadnought Armour. Exorcists – tactical squad in drop pod led by terminator librarian. Kierdale 01 Aug Salamanders – contemptor dreadnought.

Also, we would like to make some LOS blocking rocks out of insulation board, which we also hope infex have donated and work on later this year.

Of particular note is my converted Mephiston, who was featured in Warhammer visions! Finally, the first company is well represented with 6 dreadnoughts 1 DC, 1 lib, 1 chaplain, 1 normal and 2 astartez10 assault terminators, 10 terminators, 10 sternguard and 10 vanguard.

I was considering a salamanders hq which would leave either the named captain or ash mantle as options. This army has gone through a few changes in the previous edition, most markedly changing from 5 raptors and 5 exorcists as scouts to 10 raptor scouts and 10 exorcist tacticals in a pod.

Yeah, it is certainly a cool book.


Index Astartes

Jeremy rated it it was ok Jan 03, Terminator Armour, also known as Tactical Dreadno… More. Index Astartes is a feature that used to run in the White Dwarf magazine back when it was still good. An investigation into a mysterious Space Marine founding.

Dan Boberg added it Jul 18, Minotaurs Chapter Tactics Started by zero8821 Mar The Fire Hawks, before becoming the Legion of the Damned, were even around since It also contains information about Chaplains and The Cursed Founding. Ultimately it’s bee hard work but very rewarding to see people down the club enjoying it.

Silentz 13 Dec In the meantime as well as marines I am steadily plodding through my admech which are seeing their tournament debut next week. Your ad here, right now: The Space Wolves 13th Company. Michael Brown astarts it it was amazing Jun 22, But, I still need to put out a few showcases for armies that I haven’t got around to doing yet.

Eric Wier May 9, at 7: RandomMarine 03 Apr