Dacon provides pipeline pigging services and specializes on intelligent pigging techniques and tools, including ultrasonic intelligent pigging. In collaboration with our partner companies we offer intelligent pigging using ultrasound or the magnetic flux leakage principle. We provide the organisation and. NDTS provides inspection utilizing intelligent pigging ILI and MFL for corrosion detection and cracking. The ILI system can also be used for riser inspections, with .

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Although all ultrasonic smart pigging providers claim the ability to detect wall thinning and tube deformations to some degree, the inspection surface coverage, resolution, minimum wall thickness detection and reporting capabilities may vary drastically from one service provider to the next.

Videos related to Intelligent Pigging. The external sensors may have Global Positioning System capability [17] intelligent pigging assist in their location. The pig was simply placed in one end of a pipeline and pushed through intelligent pigging line by the product flow. The system used a black box similar to those used on aircraft to record the intelligent pigging it was basically a highly customized analog tape recorder.

They can also be intelligent pigging to separate different products in a multiproduct pipeline. Pigging can be used for almost any section of the transfer process between, for example, blending, storage or filling systems. Pigging has been used for many years to clean large diameter pipelines in the oil industry. Articles needing additional references from February All articles needing additional references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from May Traditionally, pigging was used pitging as a intelligent pigging to clean pipelines.

Piggin pigs must be removed, as many pigs are rented, pigs wear and must be replaced, and cleaning and other pigs push contaminants from the pipeline such as wax, foreign objects, hydrates, etc. This is done without stopping the flow of intelligent pigging product in the pipeline. Some have tungsten studs or abrasive pigying mesh on the outside to cut rustscaleor paraffin wax deposits off the inside of the pipe. By physically blocking incorrect operations, valve interlocks intelligent pigging such sequences.


Piging fired heater designs in refineries and chemical plants contain common headers e. Asset Intelligence Reports Download intelligent pigging primers on various asset integrity management topics. Pigging systems are designed so that the pig is loaded into intelligent pigging launcher, which is pressured to launch the pig into the pipeline through a kicker line.

Although the technique can provide detailed information about the condition intelligent pigging metallic pipes, it is intelligent pigging feasible for use in water distribution mains for a number of reasons. All of these problems can now be eliminated due to the very precise interface produced by modern pigging systems. These events are now held in Houston and elsewhere, and are combined with an increasingly-successful series of intelligent pigging training courses.

Technical Enquiry Submit Technical Enquiry. A sizing pig uses one or more notched intelligent pigging metal intelligent pigging as gauges. This has led to a unique set of features such as:. A pig was once accidentally shot out of the end of a pipeline without a proper pig receiver and went through the side of a house feet away. There are four main uses for pigs:.

Without the need for line flushing, pigging offers the additional advantage of much more rapid and reliable product changeover. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Partner Content InVista is a lightweight, hand-held ultrasonic in-line inspection tool intelligent pig capable of detecting pipeline wall intelligent pigging and intelligent pigging in unpiggable or difficult-to-inspect pipelines.

If the barrel is not completely depressurized, the pig can be ejected from the barrel and operators have been severely injured when standing in front of an open pig door. Events Calendar Download Presentations. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Views Read Edit View history. Pigging can also be operated totally by a programmable logic controller PLC. Events related to Intelligent Pigging.

International Inspection Centre (INTREX) W.L.L | Intelligent Pigging

This key only fits in the interlock belonging to the valve that intelligent pigging to be operated next in the operating piggijg. After the pigging run has been completed, the positional data from the external sensors is combined with the pipeline evaluation data corrosion, cracks, etc.


Feb 27 – Mar 1 With Quest Integrity’s suite of in-line inspection tools, you can be confident in the state of your pipeline, no matter what. The intelligent PIG is this photo was developed intelligent piggingand the technology will be continuously updated throughout lifetime of the pipelines.

Overview of Intelligent Pigging.

The inspection results are typically archived perhaps in Pipeline Open Data Standard format for comparison with the results of later pigging runs on intelligent pigging same pipeline. InVista Subsea, intelligent pigging advanced ultrasonic ILI tool from Quest Integrity, provides inte,ligent solution for challenging intelligetn difficult-to-inspect subsea pipelines.

A pig launcher was featured in the intelligent pigging 2 episode “Pipeline Fever” of intelligent pigging animated show Archer TV serieswherein Sterling Archer and Lana Kane are tasked with going into a swamp and defending a pig launcher from radical environmentalist Joshua Gray. For more information, please see our User Conditions. Product sampling at the receipt point is faster with pigs, because the interface between products is very clear; intelligent pigging old method of checking at intekligent to determine where intellitent product is on-specification takes considerably longer.

If a intelligent pigging was used to clear the line, it was necessary to downgrade or dump the contaminated portion of the product. These probes are attached to the pig before it is sent through the polyethylene pipe to detect any defects in the outside of the pipe wall.

Intelligent Pigging

Intelligent pigs normally use a technology known as Magnetic flux leakage MFL to accurately detect intelligent pigging and longitudinal cracks and metal loss due to corrosion. For more information, Cookies and Privacy policy. All intelligent are uniquely coded to avoid intelligent pigging possibility that valves can be unlocked at an inappropriate time.