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Spring came so we’re going to spend more time on our balconies and logias drinking coffee and enjoying apricot blooming outside.

Many people use their balconies as pantries – they store broken skis or empty bottles there. But clean the space, use some creative ideas and your balcony will turn into a cozy corner.

1. Use rug

Bright woolen or synthetic rug will create a cozy atmosphere on a balcony. Besides, it will add comfort in cold days.

интерьер балкона

2. Make a patio

Buy several embossed chairs, a small table and this will be enough for gathering with your friends on a fresh air to drink tea or wine without having to go out. Add flowers and bright cusions to the interior.

интерьер балкона

3. Paint funiture

The most rational type of furniture for a balcony is the metallic furniture. It is stable to the water and sun light and it can be painted any color changing your balcony design each season.

интерьер балкона

4. Buy multi-functional furniture

Multi-functional furniture is a perfect solution for a small balcony. For instance, you can buy a table that will be used as a stand for the flowers, a working place and a mini-bar.

интерьер балкона

5. Make a garden

You can make a true garden on your balcony. Place the flowers on different levels. You can put flowerpots on the floor, hang them on the walls or even on the ceiling. The plants with dark green leaves or bright flowers are great for balcony.

You can also use a grid for climbing plants. It will make the balcony more closed and intimate.

интерьер балкона

6. Think about illumination

Use different types of lamps on your balcony. Put a lamp on a table, light candles. Hang bras on the walls and use chandelier on the ceiling. Make an accent on the walls illumination – this will make the balcony look more spacious in the darkness.

Additional LED harlands are great for any balcony. Hang them on the ceiling or under the window-sill – this is beautiful and stylish.

интерьер балкона

7. Add decor

Bright cusions, rugs, napkins, baskets, candlesticks, plates, dishes and vases will add some character to your balcony. But don’t go too far with them!

интерьер балкона

8. Divide your balcony into zones

If you’re a happy owner of a large balcony or a logia, divide it into zones with the help of the plants or a wiker screen. You can make a working zone in one par, and turn the other one into a small garden or a tea-drinking area.

интерьер балкона

9. Hang beautiful curtains

Roman curtains are great for small balconies. Roll curtains absorb light well. Blinds are functional and comfortable to use but they don’t look too cozy.

Heavy portieres with lambrequins and garters must not be on a balcony. Drape the windows with light textile – this will bring the feeling of freshness and cleanness.

интерьер балкона

10. Hang a bird feeder

Those who like brids can hang a feeder on a balcony. You guests and you will enjoy watching the bird’s world.

кормушка для птиц

11. Don’t forget about window-sill

Window-sill is an additional space one can’t forget about. Cover it with a table-cloth, put some pots, photos and a table lamp.

цветы на подоконнике

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