20 ideas for a small balcony design

22 February 2016 |

If a balcony in your house is tiny, this isn’t the reason to make it a storage for unnecessary things. Our inspiring ideas will help you transform it into a beautiful and cozy space.

дизайн маленького балкона

Use light colors and shades for a small balcony finishing. White, soft blue, light-yellow, and creamy will help you to visually widen the space and create volume.

Choose built-in furniture of light colors with glossy fronts – that will make it more spacious. If you use patterened materials, prefer small pattern for narrow places and large one for wide places. Put some bright contrasting chairs as well.

маленький балкон дизайн фото

дизайн балкона маленького

Those who like drinking tea and smoking hubble-bubble may pay attention to Eastern design style. Paint the walls with warm colors, put a soft rug on the floor, hang semi-transparent curtains on the windows and throw some bright cushions to seat on. And don’t forget about a tea table.

To design an opened balcony, French balcony, it will be good to use forged tables and chairs, as well as pastel colors and striped decor elements. Lamps in the form of stylized streetlights will also look great.

дизайн лоджии балкона фото

дизайн открытого балкона

дизайн открытого балкона фото

Eco-style that is extremely popular today is also perfect for narrow balconies. Use natural wood, stone and living plants.

If you like loft style, you can use it as well – it will make your balcony stylish and cozy. Paint the brick walls white, decorate the balcony with metal plates, wooden furniture, bright posters and lamps in industrial style.

дизайн лоджии балкона

дизайны балконов

Don’t use bulky furniture for small balconies. Replace it with folding chairs and tables, pouffs and one-leg tables.

Use the window-sill area as an additional counter-top for flowerpots, lamps or tea-drinking. If your balcony isn’t glazed – use railing for a compact BBQ, a workling table or flowerpots.

Lounge zone is decorated with a sofa or a mattress with a couple of pillows. And what about a hammock on a balcony?

дизайны балконов фото

маленький балкон дизайн

дизайн балкон

дизайн маленького балкона фото

дизайн балконов

дизайн балконов фото

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