A 15-sq-m mobile house interior

14 January 2016 |

The area of this nice mobile house makes up only 15 square meters but despite this fact it has a bedroom, a dressing-room, a TV-zone and a kitchen.

The author of this interesting project titled Tiny Project is a web-designer Alek Lisefski. The house built on the basis of a trailer has dimensions 2.5х6 meters. Each detail in it – from the roof to the decor elements – has been developed by Alek.

The house is mobile and currently is in California. The designer lives in it with his girlfriend Angely and his dog Anya.

дача дизайн

дизайн дачи

маленький дачный дом

дачный дом

The two-storied building is equipped with everything a family may need in its everyday life – a gas cooker, hot water, a washing machine and a full-fledged water closet.

The interior of the house is a cozy and smartly designer space. There is almost no partitions except the water closet. The ground floor features a kitchen, a water closet, an office and a living room where young people feel comfortable watching their favorite movie. The second level includes a lounge zone with a bedroom and a dressing-room.

The house has ten windows so it is always full of light. The windows also bring spaciousness and airiness to the atmosphere. All rooms are finished with natural wood.

дача интерьер внутри

дачная комната дизайн

дизайн интерьера дачного дома

дизайн маленького дома

дом интерьер

дом на даче интерьер

The house is livable in winter as it is perfectly isolated and Alek is very proud with this fact. His project has already been tested in continuous trip from the West to the East of the USA. Since then the couple lives in the house, in California.

In future the designer is going to equip the house with solar system and water collectors to improve its energy efficiency.

The house is estimated $30 thousand.

дизайн дачи кухня

дизайн дачи санузел

интерьер дачного дома

интерьер дачной кухни

интерьер кухни дачного домика

интерьер маленького дома

интерьер спальни дача

комната в дачно доме дизайн

спальня дача интерьер дизайн

Photo: Alek Lisefski

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