A decorator's house: comfortable living in a small space

6 June 2016 |

Setting up of a 100-sq-m cottage allowed the artist and interior decorator Pandy Anew to realize importance of functionality and streamlining of details.


Pandy said, elimination of excess clutter and unnecessary things had allowed her to breathe easier. She moved to this house during the period of life when happiness and health were of great importance and all items of her house are directed to make her happy and healthy.



Pandy has just slightly changed the plan of the house built in 1800’s, including a new closet. But despite the house dimensions, Pandy insists that this size is perfect for her, her two grandsons who often come to visit her, and her favorite guests she loves to accept so much.


In selection of the furniture and decor elements Pandy was inspired by the idea of simplicity and functionality.

Pandy said she appreciated true comfort and classic style in furniture and accessories. She admires neutral shades in large pieces and bold accents in the form of unexpected art pieces, cushions, beautiful antique details or original furniture items. Classic lines and simple forms are always in trend, she says.


The decorator loves a house to be full of comfortable furniture in original style that looks like the collection one.

Pandy said her house was tiny compared with many other ones, but it was perfect for her. There is no garage, free attic and a basement – the premises she considers unnecessary for her. The decorator has everything she needs for comfortable living.



The basic idea

If you’re lucky to live in the area with warm weather all year round, use spaces like a verandah or a porch to the maximum. Intricate details like a unique flowerpot in the form of a fairy house bring a drop of kid’s miracle to the design of a verandah; color accents and highly decorated sconces fill the garden with charm and peculiar style.


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