A farmhouse in the heart of a mega city

3 June 2016 |

Despite the fact that this farmhouse is surrounded by fuss of noisy Los Angeles, it is a serene residence that can be called true oasis of comfort and style. We’d like to show you how the owners managed to perfectly combine two different styles and create a retreat that reflects character of two coasts.

The owners moved here from Santa Monica with their three kids and a small dog. After four years in Los Angeles, they decided to bring the old house down and build a dream-house – a Californian farmhouse like the owners called it.

The couple loves the style of New England cottages, so they decided to use its elements in their house and add some local color as well. One of their favorite places in the world is San Ysidro Ranch – a wonderful hotel and spa in Southern California. So they replicated many elements of the rancho in their interior.


The couple wanted their house to be stylish and harmonious with the surrounding landscape and at the same time is quite functional to satisfy all needs of their growing family.


The owners love shades of blue that presents on the walls and the ceiling in a dining room. They say their kids often occupy this room to do their lessons because it is quiet and calm.


A closet connecting a kitchen and the dining room, features an interesting detail – a glass panel in the floor. The owners say they can see their wine-cellar in the basement through this glass.


The owners added individuality to each room using furniture and accessories brought from their numerous trips and purchased at designers’ exhibitions and in the Internet. Wife admires Ralph Lauren and Restoration Hardware so she purchased many items from their collections that perfectly blend with the owners’ personal collection – French antiques. She says she likes combining expensive designer’s pieces and cheap vintage items as they look extremely stylish and homely.


A secluded room upstairs also serves as a room for kids as well as their small cinema and video game hall. Besides, it is a cozy nook for mom. She says she loves this room for its seclusion, huge windows and a map on the wallpaper. One of her favorite places to read in this room is a red leather armchair left by the previous owners.


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