A kindergarten design in Greece

24 February 2016 |

This is a true kindergarten of dream where there are no boring rooms, corridors and tables but only the entire game space full of adventures and miracles.

The authors of this bright original design of a kindergarten are the architects of Cube Concept. The establishment is situated in Heraklion (Greece) and its area makes up 170 sq.m.

Greek architects decided to depart from a dull layout and separation of a space into rooms. Instead they turned all premises into one game zone developing kids’ quick wittedness, logic, imagination and creation skills. The interior features bright colors, smooth shapes, soft surfaces and abundance of light.

детский дизайн в детском саду фото

The ground floor is separated into four areas with definite functions. First area is the entrance with a soft couch, reception and cabinets. The couch is designed with two levels – a game zone and a sitting zone.

The next premise with bright scarlet walls is intended for creation. Kids play board games and draw there.

Further there is a thematic game room inviting a kid to the adults’ world. This space features the miniatures of a kitchen, a carpenter’s workshop, a bank, a dolls’ house, an Indian tent and a food store. There are also spaces for kids to have some rest, digress and play.

дизайн интерьера детского сада

Fourth area is the area for active games and entertainment. Here kids splash out their energy jumping, running and romping on soft coatings. The floor is covered with a 4-mm thick mattress. The walls are cut up with cells for kids to sit and lay.

This level also features kids’ and adults’ water closets, a kitchen and an isolated room for creation – here kids are tought music and performances.

дизайн интерьера детского сада фото

детский дизайн в детском саду

детский сад интерьер фото

дизайн детского сада фото

детский сад дизайн

детский сад дизайн фото

дизайн детский сад

дизайн детского сада

дизайн детский сад фото

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