22 December 2014 |

Bold and shocking Karim Rashid affirms that cosmic interiors are the wave of the future. The author of 2500 designer’s projects and the owner of more than 300 international awards calls for the diversity of color and shape, 3D-printing and eco-design.

As he says, the two-dimensional design, squares and rectangles have become the thing of the past. The nature is unique so we need to be inspired by everything around us. His words are confirmed by his works: the walls don’t have angles – they curve and have bizarre shapes. He also uses a bright color palette.


Design is everything around us. This is much wider than an external impression about an item. This isn’t style – this is what we think and work over. Beauty is when I can make you dream and think differently


Karim Rashid is not a person who looks to the past – he offers refusing the two-dimensional geometry, straight and even shapes. He thinks the design hasn’t to be static. The design changes when the owner is changed. And each interior detail has to work for this. Light, toys and twofold purpose items – everything has to be in harmony.


The designer considers that sooner or later the graphic is also going to change. Creation of three-dimensional company logos that can be turned and examined from different sides will become true break. And then a brand’s reputation will define its capability to different variants of changes but not its recognition like it is today.


Rashid also forecasts the power of light. Using the LED lighting, you can light everything – the walls, the ceiling and the flooring. The light line will be unbroken, filling the interior with different light shades.


Karim Rashid calls to get rid of the world brands’ dictate in design. He is for the soaring thoughts and introduction of people to their dwellings’ arrangement. 3D-printing can help proving one’s talent and individuality. You create an item in a single copy and later just easily get rid of it and print another one.

The famous designer also calls for the eco-design. A thing hasn’t to be durable and harmful.


The digital age came to save the Planet. I like plastic but why should I buy a chair that is going to live for 6000 years? Plastic is very democratic but polymers are dangerous. The future is about decomposing materials – about the chair that is going to disappear without any harm to the Earth

Treat the new technologies respectfully even if you can’t use them in your everyday life. That is one of the designer’s assets. But the author gone further and forecasts that the future is about these new technologies. Sensory design will satisfy people’s requirements for powerful tactile sensations. He asserts that no one will refuse, for instance, a rubber lavender-smelling bath with water murmuring like a stream.

Watch everything around you, each person, and each moment of time. And if you notice a slight pretext – immediately start working like Karim Rashid does.

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