2 July 2015 |

Designers Amy and Brandon Phillips own this 65,000- square-foot 19th-century factory in Geneva, New York.

The couple who run designer’s studio Miles & May Furniture Works purchased the house in 2007 for $137,500 and turned it from a forlorn relic into a modern factory.

The Cracker Factory occupies three floors. One one end it is anchored by a 200-foot-high smokestack, remained from the previous life. The first floor includes the workshop and showroom, while the couple’s 1,700-square-foot apartment, a 4,000-square-foot letterpress studio and a 6,000-square-foot event space are at the second floor. The third floor is going to be converted into artists’ residences later.

The large flat has two bedrooms and features stained heart-pine floors, spotty worn brick walls, and huge metal windows with blue-and-white safety glass. The front door opens into the kitchen with a glossy, chocolate-marble-tile floor. Magnificence of this place is balanced by a simple wooden skylight installed 19 feet above.

The living and dining zone opens to the kitchen through a large doorway. The dining set made of the hickory wood standing in one corner of the room is from the couple’s furniture line. The other corner includes the entry to the bathroom, with a sliding door made of salvaged windows and ipe. The back end of the bathroom houses a large shower and the space is filled out with smartly installed found objects.

The cathedral ceiling stretches from threshold of the kitchen to the the bedrooms. The open living area features a variegated wood ceiling made of maple flooring taken from a factory in Michigan. The private and public areas are physically divided by a large entertainment center made of salvaged industrial joists.

The couple reused found objects and made them very special. “Some people like cars. We like space” – they say.


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