A teenager's room: 16 design ideas

1 March 2016 |

Don’t know how to design a teenager’s room? We’ve selected 16 cool ideas to decorate bedrooms for teenage boys and girls.

Any teenager dreams about living in a fashionable and beautiful room corresponding with their personal tastes and preferences.

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дизайн подростковой комнаты

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First of all the design of a teenager’s room should be bright, original, and reflecting a kid’s inner world. As a room decorated to a teenager’s taste will help him to enhance his self-esteem.

Young people like bright colors although some of them prefer black. According to psychologists, black walls bring the feeling of a shelter so don’t neglect this wish.

Try to persuade your kid to paint only one wall or a surface in a contrasting color and decorate it with posters, press cuttings or photo frames. Dark surfaces are beautiful backgrounds for this kind of collections. In addition, this decor can be changed easily. All other walls should be of neutral shades with low-key geometric patterns.

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Don’t forget about a teenager’s hobby. If your son likes music, decorate his room with a guitar collection; if he likes playing football, think about balls and sport cloths etc.

As for the girls’ rooms, use subjects of fashion, nature, idols, as well as the patterns of hearts, diamonds and toys. These rooms should be lighter than the boys’ rooms. And don’t forget about a large mirror!

Boys like cars, planes, military themes and sports. Use one wall of your son’s room for graffiti and let him draw the painting by himself.

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дизайн комнат для подростка фото

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Choose bedding that blends with the entire design. The same concerns furniture as well.

A teenager’s room is a bedroom, a working space and a place to have fun at the same time. So, when you create the interior design for a teenager, think about poufs, chairs and bedside-tables, a comfortable working place, a bed, a sofa and cabinets.

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Remember that a room of a 14-year-old teenager differs from a room of a 16-17-year-old young man. Although the difference seems small, but the attitude in this age transforms each six months.

That’s why leave a car-bed or a princess’ loge for youngsters. Teenagers should have an adult sleeping place. Dilute severety of the design with the help of bedspreads, pillow cases and toys.

Think about a dresser for a teenage girl as she has to have place to store accessories and cosmetics. If you have a boy, consider an area for a punch ball or a simulator.

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дизайн для комнаты подростка девочки фото

дизайн комната подростка фото

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