A tiny 24-sq-m flat in Vilnyus

23 September 2015 |

Studio YCL designers proved that 24 square meters of space can become a comfortable and stylish dwelling.

This flat is located in one of the ancient single-storey mansions in the outskirts on Vilnyus. Style chosen by the designers absolutely does not corresponds to the external appearance of the house. Only moldings and stunning arch window openings talk about its age.

планировка интерьера малогабаритной квартиры

To create beautiful and comfortable interior design on a couple of square meters is not a simple task. That’s why the designers decided that open planning would be an optimal solution. Moreover, the flat was created for residence of one person.

On the photos below you can see the flat’s restoration stages.

перепланировка малогабаритной квартиры

интерьер малогабаритной квартиры

A cooking area is visually separated from the main space by a dining set and a small lip containing all necessary furniture and domestic appliances.

интерьер малогабаритной квартиры

The designers also decided to refuse hinged cabinets that are considered an ideal storage solution in small spaces. But because this flat features wonderful high ceilings, the walls free from furniture just emphasized the airiness of interior.

дизайн кухни в малогабаритной квартире

A popular trick of using high ceilings to create additional useful space was applied here as well. The owner can reach the loft area by narrow spiral stairs.

дизайн интерьера малогабаритной квартиры

лофт в малагабаритной квартире

The flat has many windows and during day hours it is literary flooded with light. This is also emphasized by light shade of the walls. Oak flooring softens some coldness of the walls and brings coziness to the interior. Vivacity and playfulness are added by harmonically selected contrasts – a dark sofa, bright cusions and home plants.

As there are no shelves in the flat, books were placed on the wide window-sills that can be used as a table for reading, the working area and the space for creation.

дом в Вильнюсе

The only embarrassing thing in this beautiful interior is the lack of curtains on the windows while the flat is located on the ground floor and faces the traffic area.

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