The 216th anniversary of the White House: a tour of the residence

5 June 2016 |

This elegant building is among top three US sites. In 1902 President Theodore Roosevelt declared that the official name of the presidential residence turned into the “White House”.

Yesterday it was 216 years since the construction of the White House built in Palladian style.

Palladium architecture is the early form of classicism based on strict adherence to symmetry.

Let’s plunge into the history of this six-story symmetric palace and find out what it looks like inside.




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First President of the US George Washington found the construction site. Besides, he took part in development of the project together with architect James Hoban. Interestingly, Washington did not become the first inhabitant of the house as his term ended up before the official date of construction completion.

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The building of the mansion stood out among other surrounding buildings due to its white front. The next year two new terraces were added. The experts on the world history know that the White House was completely burnt by the British during military operations in 1814. The restoration lasted three years. Another large-scaled restructuring took place under Roosevelt who decided to add the east and the west wings to the building.

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Since then the building was slightly changed. For more than sixty years the White House remained unchanged with its 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms, 28 fireplaces, 8 staircases and three lifts.

The complex also includes the President’s Park area of about 7,3 hectares. The most famous features of the Park are Rose Garden and the Garden of Jacqueline Kennedy.

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