African style in interior design

7 January 2016 |

African style in interior design is all about culture and customs of the people of Africa. Accessories and objects of this style differ from all other ethnic trends. African style in the interior is often chosen by people who admire exotics in any form. By the way, it is also often taken as a design style in bars, restaurants and night clubs.


To obtain authentic African style in the interior, one should use furniture and accessories of the natural shades: brown, black, dark-red, yellow and beige.

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African interior style mainly features natural materials: wood, cotton and linen fabrics, natural textile wallpaper. Flooring should be natural (wooden) as well. You can put beautiful rug with bright ethnic patterns on the floor.


The furniture in African interior style should, of course, also be wooden. It can be decorated with interesting fretwork, colorful thread or textile, or simply have uncovered natural texture. Talking about the colors, African style requires furniture of dark shades – brown, black and other colors.


Decorating your house in African style, use ethnic figurines, plates with authentic ornament, the wicker furniture, buskets of various sizes and artificial horn.


To add some character to your African decor, hang up posters, photographs, and paintings featuring wild animals and wild nature of Africa.

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