Apartment under the roof in Ukraine

29 March 2016 |

Interesting interior design of an under-roof apartment was made by U//ME architects in November 2015. Due to the domelike shape of the roof and height of the ceilings there is everything that can hardly be realized in any other city apartment – a stunning view to the city, a functioning fireplace and an attic with staircase.

The owners of the apartment are a married couple. Young people who appreciate unique and stylish things spent much time to find the dwelling of their dream.

The apartment is placed under the domelike roof on the 15th floor in Kiev, Ukraine. One of the wishes was the industrial style interior. The area of the apartment makes up 134 sq.m.

дизайн гостиной

дизайн квартиры в стиле лофт

гостиная дизайн

Initially the space of the living-room had no windows and was a dark round-shaped premise. After reconstruction the room got three huge windows and now it is full of natural light. There is also a fireplace that was a cherished dream of the owners. The area is decorated with a couple of original leather armchairs.

The height of the ceilings in the living-room allowed the architects to divide the space into two levels. The under-roof space was made an additional sleeping place and a cozy home office that can be reached by the French staircase.

дизайн проект квартиры

дизайн гостиной фото

A kitchen and dining-room make the center of the apartment. The owners like cooking and receiving the guests so the designers paid much attention to the kitchen. A true embellishment of the interior is a beautiful metal kitchen island with a stainless steel countertop and a built-in extractor hood brought from Milan.

дизайн квартиры в стиле лофт фото

дизайн кухни

дизайн проект квартиры фото

The kitchen area joins with a master bedroom and a terrace. The main accent of the interior is the wall decorated by the owner herself.

дизайн спальни

The design of the apartment in loft style is underlined with rough textures – the brick walls, the abundance of metal and industrial lamps. But wood in the interior softened this coolness and added warmth and coziness.

The designers considered the plan disadvantages and provided the apartment with sufficient amount of storage. They also made a two-level dressing-room near the hall.

дизайн прихожей

The apartment has two water closets. The bathroom design is made in a warm color palette. This territory is private, and one can get there only through the bedroom. The interior of the guest water closet is decorated in black with a bright accent – the glowing wash-stand.

The most part of the furniture was made by sketches of the designers at the Ukrainian plants.

дизайн ванной

дизайн ванной фото

дизайн санузла

Photo: Alex Pedko

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