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5 August 2015 |

Many of us don’t attach special importance to the interior of such an essential area as a laundry. Often it is a small, dark and cluttered space hidden from eyes. This is not right. Laundry can be cozy, comfortable and functional premise even if your residence is not too large. Use our advices and approach this area when planning your dwelling interior design in all seriousness.

The most important question arising when planning interior design is where to make a premise for linen washing.


In a private house laundry often is a small room. Sometimes it is combined with a bathroom, a kitchen or settled in the basement.


Proper ventilation is one of the main requirements to the laundry because humidity in this room is always high.


Proper illumination is also an important factor for this area – the owners must feel comfortable being there.


And of course one should strictly follow all operating rules for this type of premises. This also concerns installation of domestic appliances, a severage system and electric wiring.


The walls in a laundry should better finished with moisture resistant materials; use tiles for the floor. It is also necessary to consider technological niches that can become needed in case of domestic appliances or pipes breakage.


Laundry in a flat should better be organized in the area near a bathroom or a kitchen because all service lines are there.


Laundry is the same room as all others. So one should maintain cleanness and order there. Put a separate basket for dirty linen. It will be better if each family member has his own basket. To keep washing and cleaning agents install closed cabinets.


If a landry is in a dark premise without windows, paint the walls with light colors, hang some mirrors, and add bright splashes for a good mood. Revive the space with decor elements, hang paintings, place some flower pots and buy stylish curtains.


No laundry can do without an ironing-board. An ideal variant is a stationary construction. But if the area of the premise doesn’t allow placing the unfolded board, pay attention to the built-in and folding models.


To store clean linen use special cabinetry. Buy some baskets to sort dirty linen or put a clean one there.


But what should one do if there is no possibility to use a separate premise? Then look at your dwelling attentively. You can place a washing and drying machines, an ironing-board and linen baskets in a working zone, for instance. This type of premise allows doing several actions at a time – sewing, knitting or even working on your computer.


You can hide domestic appliances behind a screen, a curtain or a cabinet furniture.


A laundry zone can be comfortably arranged even in the smallest kitchen like in many modern interiors. In this case buy a washing machine with a dryer, store powders and liquids under the sink or consider a narrow drawer in your kitchen cabinetry.


Interior designers use so many places to install a washing machine! Sometimes it can be placed even in the hall. You can invent a furniture consturction to nobody know where is an equipment for the linen wash. The most unexpected part of your dwelling can become a laundry zone. The main thing is a correct and harmonious interior design.






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