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This apartment in Barcelona designed by local firms Studio P10 and Miel Arquitectos includes two micro living and working spaces either side of the communal kitchen.

The designers of the firms received the following task: to create two separate premises in a 65-square-metre apartment as an experiment with confined space.

интерьер лестница


Each premise had to include areas for sleeping, working, relaxation and hygiene, while a kitchen, dining and living areas were shared by the occupants.

Located at either end of the narrow space, both premises received the natural light from the windows that entered the central common zone through sliding translucent panels.

интерьер спальни с лестницей

At day each occupant can close his space by the panel without blocking the traverse of light,” said the designers from Miel Arquitectos. “At night everybody can close their parts by sliding doors

The rooms have double beds, desks, storage spaces and access to a balcony.
стол комнате

Each bedroom also has raised platforms that help utilizing the height of ceiling of 3.4 meters, providing additional living spaces above the beds with an access by wooden ladders.

The mezzanines are equipped with shelves that create balustrades along the edges.

полки под потолком

Opened bathrooms enter the sleeping areas and are covered by traditional mosaic tiles.

The communal space includes kitchen on the one side and a small dining table on the other side.

мозаичная плитка

A small island with drawers and a wine rack is connected to the ceiling by wooden poles that divide the eating area and the entry.

Walls with brickwork are painted in white color. Floor is covered by wooden parquet. стойка между кухней и прихожей

The clean modern lines of industrial parquet contrasts with the cracks and crevasses of the 19th century exposed brickwork.

In common, the combination of wood and stone looks modern and light. Almost completely white color of the apartment makes it more airy and spacious.

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