Bathroom curtains: what to choose and how to decorate

What curtains should you choose for your bathroom to make it beautiful and economical at the same time? This is the question that arises for anyone who was involved into decorating of a bathroom for at least once in his life.

Modern market offers tons of bathroom curtains. Staring from simple variants made of polyethylene and finishing with expensive glass designs. We’re going to tell you what is the difference between materials and will show you some design ideas for curtains.

красивый интерьер ванной комнаты

Finishing the final touch in a bathroom interior design – means selecting a curtain – one wishes it to be not only stylish but efficient as well. Because it is known that a water closet is a room with the high moisture conditions and all interior elements should be firm to the maximum.

стильный интерьер ванной комнаты

Bathroom polyethylene curtain is one of the most popular and cheap variants. But its low cost often is a sign of the product’s low quality. Polyethylene is difficult to be maintained, it looses its original attractive appearance very fast, it easily becomes dirty and can grow moldy. But by virtue of the price this type of curtains can be easily substituted by the new ones.

красивая ванная комната

Polyester textile curtains represent a perfect combination of price, quality and efficiency. This type of curtains can bear temperature drops and high humidity in the room. Their selection and designs are so huge that your eyes blazed. And if you’re a happy owner of a bathroom with the window, there is no better material to use for it. Think about how wonderful a set of curtains for the window and a bath will look together.

It is easy to maintain this type of curtains. Manufacturers say that they can be even machine-washed and ironed.

новый интерьер ванной комнаты

интерьер ванной коамныт со шторой

стильная ванная комната

Curtains of a firm basis that are glass and plastic screens are the most functional but also the most expensive of all types. They visually enlarge the room’s dimensions due to transparency and lightness of the material, as well as add more light inside. In addition, this type of curtains are introduced to the modern bathroom design with abundance of glass elements.

красивый дизайн ванной комнаты

But there are some deficiencies. First of all, remember about fragility of the material. It doesn’t matter that glass is special in these curtains, your must remember about this during exploitation. Second, plastic that is a cheaper variant of this type of curtains is rather whimsical in maintenance and is easily scratched.

оригинальный интерьер ванной комнаты

There is an opinion that bathroom curtains are not necessary and are outdated. But this isn’t true. The curtain protects surfaces from water and at the same time is a stylish bathroom decor element. All you need to do is to choose proper curtain and your bathroom will dramatically change.

интерьер ванной комнаты

дизайн ванной комнаты

необычный дизайн ванной комнаты

интерьер ванной

вариант дизайна ванной комнаты

необычный интерьер ванной

новый интерьер ванной

современный интерьер ванной комнаты

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