Black and white kitchen design: 20 beautiful examples

Kitchen interior made in black and white color palette is a perfect combination of practicality, elegance and freshness. Mix of these two colors in the kitchen design brings stunning effect. This will be admired by those who like unique solutions and appreciate style.

At the beginning one should determine what color will prevail – white or black. Don’t be afraid of using this kind of interior in small rooms.

дизайн кухни черно-белой фото

дизайн маленькой кухни фото

In two-colored interiors one of the colors should be dominant. Just think about your taste and preferences. But don’t forget about peculiarities of the room itself. White color is known for making any space larger; black narrows the room.

If you have a large kitchen, use black as the dominant. If your kitchen is small, choose white. Prevailing white is also good for kitchen with lighting deficiencies.

черно-белый дизайн кухни

дизайн белой кухни

Wall finishing also depends on the dominating color. Combination of finishing materials of polar colors looks stylish and fresh.

The ceiling in the kitchen black and white design should always be white. You can enliven it with the help of black elements at the center that will make surface multi-layered. But note that dark elements should be properly illuminated.

ремонт кухни дизайн фото

дизайн маленькой кухни

As for the flooring, the range of designs is pretty wide. Chess-board floor looks bright and elegant. If you wish to dilute simplicity of the monochrome floor, just add decorative patterned tile. Floor made of light wood will bring warmth and coziness to the kitchen design.

современный дизайн кухни фото

проект кухи дизайн

Cooking zone is usually decorated with glaze, mosaics, marble or glass. It will be great to use a backsplash contrasting with a counter-top. Monochrome black tiles will dilute whiteness of the furniture. Marble will add elegance and solemnity.

дизайн для кухни

дизайн кухни черно-белой

Combination of black and white furniture looks original and dynamic. There are several combinations: white top and black bottom of the cabinets; white kitchen with the black island and vice-versa; white furniture and black equipment.

современный дизайн кухни

дизайн кухонь фото

To avoid making your black and white kitchen faceless, use bright decor elements. A couple of color accents will dilute severity and coldness of the atmosphere. If your wish to bring some chic, use silver and crystal crockery, transparent glass and chrome elements.

кухня дизайн черно белый фото

фото черно-белый дизайн кухни

Don’t forget that any space looks and feels better if there are natural flowers and plants.

Pay attention to selection of crockery for your kitchen. The best solution for the black and white kitchen is white or black china.

дизайн кухни фото

кухня дизайн фото


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