Bright Christmas interior of a Spanish house

23 December 2015 |

Bright and rich Christmas interior of this house in Spain is made in classic red and white colors. Each detail literally breathes with the spirit of Christmas.

This two-storeyed house in the outskirts of Barcelona belongs to a young family with kids. The interior design is a result of mutual work of the owner Sandra and her close friend, Spanish designer Asun Antó. The house is surrounded with a lush garden that was the main idea in selecting decor style – the interior is made in light shades and natural materials.

рождественский интерьер дома

Each year Sandra turns this cozy place into the real fairy tale and all corners of it are filled with the magic of Christmas.

Design is made in light color palette, in warm shades of white, sandy and beige. They make a perfect background for bright festive decorations. Despite the abundance of details, toys and souvenirs, the rooms don’t look overloaded and crowded.

красивый рождественский интерьер

Beautiful thick fir is the main decoration in the living-room interior. It is embellished in red and white like the whole interior. By the way, kids took part in decorating the house.

The tree was installed that it is visible mainly from all parts of the ground floor. The firepalce area is decorated with traditional fir garland with festive symbolics – gingerbread houses, hearts and Santa Clauses.

новогодний интерьер

новогодний интерьер столовой

новогодний интерьер кухни

красивый новогодний интерьер

стильный новогодний декор

The table setting includes everygreen twigs compositions. All elements including napkins and glasses Sandra selected exclusively for Christmas.

стильный новогодний интерьер

новогодняя сервировка новогодний декор

The kids’ sleeping area is also nicely decorated. Bedspreads and cushions were replaced with Christmas-styled textile. The fir is alternative, made of twigs. Stylish advent calendar is made in the form of a twine with various fabric pockets hanging on it.

новогодний интерьер детской комнаты

новогодний интерьер детской спальни

The parents’ bedroom is humbler but Christmas mood is everywhere – in accessories, a wreath on the wall, gift boxes and greeting cards.

новогодний интерьер сальни

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