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Greek designer Marios Karystios has redesigned a classroom of a teacher of mathematics, having included bright colored furniture and vintage accessories into the interior, aiming to make the learning atmosphere more fun and easy.

дизайн комнаты учителя

дизайнер Мариос Каристиос
The project of this Cyprus classroom redesign is the first project of the interior design made by Karystios. The graphic designer, who got used to producing branding for cafés and vineyards, was given a task to create a completely new visual style for a private school.

The classroom and a soft sitting area were redesigned with adding of mathematical paraphernalia in retro-style.
книжные полки в стене
The brief was to create a friendlier and more relaxed space for the students, and actually something different than the standard classrooms that already exist on the island, also to promote creative thinking on a subject that is not a favorite to most students,” the designer said.
дизайн стены со школьной доской
Karystios told that the math’s teacher was his girlfriend so he got a great chance to get involved in an interior design project.
столы для занятий учеников

The designer decorated the room with colored vintage accessories that are advantageously distinguished against the white walls. Textbooks, jars for biscuits and toys, including famous Rubik’s Cube, are displayed on two stepped alcoves with bright yellow background.
декор для стен
Vintage school chairs in metal frames stand behind single occupancy tables made of pine. They face a white board and a teacher’s table.
стол учителя
Right out of the walls there are ends of two giant pencils that serve as racks to let students hang their bags and coats. Bare light bulbs hang from the ceiling on vibrant colored flexes
“We wanted to combine a modern feeling with a touch of the past, that’s why for example we used wooden tables and classic school chairs with color twists that refer to the branding and Edison light bulbs,” said Karystios.
дизайнерские лампочки Эдисона
The intimate sitting area is isolated by the wall, which has a hatch and a doorway cut out.

The area is partially detached from the main room and includes a chalkboard, a sofa with bright cushions and a low table made of a painted wooden pallet.
дизайн сидячей зоны
There is a stand between two premises with wooden mathematical symbols and a geodesic paper globe sit on it.
диван с подушками
Stationary and Karystios’s business cards are decorated with mathematical symbols on colored backgrounds that call up the shades used in the other elements of the room.
канцелярские принадлжежности
“The branding and stationary are based on a smiley symbol that is made of two classic mathematical symbols, the division and integral. The whole idea was to make a fun branding for maths and a memorable brand,” said Karystios. “The kids love it, at least they say so.”

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