Furniture and accessories collection by Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz – a rocker, the holder of Grammy award and a style icon created a capsule collection consisting of 20 items.


This is the collection of glam furniture and accessories for CB2. The collection called CB2 x Kravitz Design debuted last week in stores and online. It includes lighting devices, wall decor, furniture, cushions and rugs at the price from $35 to $1,099.

«Our goal was to create collection on the basis of my personal style and things that inspired me in my trips, – says Kravitz. – Style is New York glam with California atmosphere. There were elements of many styles and trends used in this collection but all things were inspired by my sence of comfort, the sence that I feel good in my space».

If there is someone who can combine world rock styles of 70s’ and high fashion into one coherent look – this is Lenny. Items bear pronounced character of the singer and most of all will be used in interior design of his own houses. As Kravitz said in his press-release, he developed the collection for his houses in Brazil, Paris and Bahamas.

The collection harmonically combines silver and copper elements, as well as wallnut wood, sheepskin and leather. Let’s watch some items of it.


The Ya Ya coffee table is represented with white glazed finish and detachable serving surface made of wallnut veneer. The table was created to be used as “a built-in bar for serving bottles or hiding places for remote-control stations, magazines and other small items».


Corner bar Topanga is produced of wallnut: its design was inspired by the stands for music equipment from Kravitz’s house in Bahamas. It was called by bohemian house in Los Angeles loved by musicians and artists.


To produce Reflect 20″ cushion the designer used dhurrie as «its texture softens shapes of the bold graphic bringing more natural look».


Mack chair is offered in two models: one is lower, another one is taller. Combination of earthy shammy and polished chrome «allows it to be integrated both into urban and rustic interior».


Changes rug made of handwrought wool was inspired by opt art Kravitz loves so much. Kravitz Design «wanted the rug to be soft and thick, with special high-quality fiber that keeps pattern integral».

Lenny Kravitz always took part in his houses’ design. His dwellings are exceptionally gorgeous that is proved by regular appearance of the houses in large international magazines.



Kravitz was always keen on design. In 2003 he became CEO and the leading designer of his own firm – Kravitz Design. Inc. In 2005 he told the New York Times: «Design is a thing I was involved during the periods free from records and concerts. But how many times can I buy and sell houses? How many times can I change the design of my house? I wish to create interiors, furniture».


For the last ten years Kravitz was involved into commercial interiors, residential areas, de lux suites for SLS Las Vegas and Casino Royale chandeliers for Swarovski.


He also reproduced iconic chair Mademoiselle by Philipp Stark for Kartell.

CB2 collection is the first large project of Lenny Kravitz and we hope that it isn’t the last one. As we all need a touch of rock-star chic in our lives.

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