Color in interior design: magical indigo

14 February 2016 |

Indigo is a natural blue dye that is extremely popular in interior design today.


Wide spectrum of indigo shades allows using it everywhere – on the walls, furniture etc. But even the smallest accents like crockery, furniture fittings and switches can much affect the design of flats and houses.


One door or a couple of window frames painted indigo completely transform the white walls. Using various finishes – from mat to glossy – you can create unique design that will make your home truly amazing.


The wall with textured indigo wallpaper will bring wonderful color and texture you can use in the whole interior. Bedspreads, curtains and furniture items are great elements to introduce indigo into your interior.


Designers love indigo for its Zen-effect. They say, this color helps concentrating in the moments of self-examination and meditations, thus favoring achievement of the deeper levels of consciousness. Indigo stimulates brain activity, creative activity and space orientation.


Here are some tips about how to use this magical color in interior design to get maximum.


Room by room

Indigo is a beautiful accent color. Try to use it on tiles or cushions in kitchen design. Indigo looks extremely great with various shades of violet and dark blue. You can also add some mustard yellow – it is a good harmonic tone.


Don’t be afraid of using rich colors in small rooms interior design. Deep indigo looks perfect in water closets as it makes the space very dramatic. As for the large rooms, we recommend using indigo on one accent wall. In bedroom, for instance, you can use indigo bedspread or throw some indigo pillows.

Tones and textures

It is better to use indigo in various tones and textures. As for the indigo walls, we recommend using textured wallpaper that will bring an interesting color transition effect. Combine them with indigo shades textile to add volume to the space.


Besides, don’t forget about pieces of art. Find a picture featuring a night landscape or put some vivid accessories of indigo shades.

Additional colors

We recommend combining indigo with shades of violet, especially lilac, that will bring more serene and calming effect. Amethyst and turquoise also look stunning adding some energy to the whole space.


For instance, a kitchen will look great with indigo teapot and crockery. If you add some turquoise or orange, the space will be a little bit softer.


Indigo is greatly combined with tan as these colors accentuate each other. Add some blue and grey and your home interior will be inviting and bright.


Indigo can be both calming and exciting, depending on its tone and disposition in space. Besides, this color is great for all ages, sexes and interior design styles. Versatility of this gorgeous color offers numerous variants for any interior.


And how would you use indigo for your dwelling? Hopefully our photos inspired you to be creative!

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