Color in the interior: top six color combinations

2 June 2016 |

Do you wish to create a perfect color palette for any room using time-proved shades and combinations? Choose one of the color palettes offered here to find your personal color in the interior.

Brown, blue and cream


Shades of brown, blue and cream blend into a universal color palette for any home, like this kitchen joined with a dining-room and a living room. A trick is to keep consistency and fusion of each color, for instance, combine dark-brown wooden furniture and the rug with brown pattern. This creates a wonderful multi-layer background for some unexpected color accents like a green torchere or a white-and-red stripped cushion.

Light-brown (cinnamonic), violet and green


When it comes to color in the interior, nature is the best inspiration source. Look at the window or remember the landscape of your favorite resting place. Designers of this bedroom in Palm Springs used muted natural shades. Cinnamonic bedside-tables and the ceiling, the bed linen of muted lilac shade and green color of the living plants perfectly merge into each other creating harmonious color palette.

Shade after shade


Beige, cream and brown shades used in this comfortable and calm bedroom create a monochrome color palette, which is perfect for this type of premises. It’s extremely easy to do this – just choose the main color you like most of all and then select darker and brighter shades of the same spectrum. To avoid monotonicity due to such monochrome selection, add some volume using textured fabrics and upholster.

One color, same intensity


If you wish a room in a single color like this kid’s room at the photo, choose shades of the same intensity. This means, you shouldn’t combine pale pink shades with neon pink; otherwise a room will look disconnected. Or if you wish to design your room in deep blue, pastel light-blue shades will merely fall out the common design.

Orange and blue


Supplementing colors or colors positioned opposite each other on the color wheel, are used not just for sport teams’ logos. Designers combined muted orange with blue and the coffee-skinned furniture in this home office. Color palette is warm and fresh. Another pairs of supplementing colors are red and green, violet and yellow.

White, black and green


Even if you choose truly bold colors for your interior you’d always remember that you need to choose the foundation to tie all the shades together. Bedroom at this photo looks vigorously due to this bold green but its sharpness is balanced with white and black elements. If you deal with similar toxic and saturated interior, we recommend using black and white accents on zebra-rugs, black photo and picture frames and gauzy white curtains.

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