Colorful pieces: mosaic in interior design

23 July 2016 |

If you want to make an interesting accent in your home, then IDEASDESIGN suggests you to consider the option of such a trendy decor element like mosaic. Today, you can find it in various color palettes, materials, shapes and stylistic solutions. So let’s be inspired by fresh ideas with IDEASDESIGN and consider all the variants together!

You can use mosaic in premises for different purposes. It is widely used in bathrooms replacing tile, it helps to bring colorful accent in kitchens, and it is an interesting alternative of a carpet and artistic murals in lobby. Mosaic is also a quite practical element of decor as besides creating the effect of multidimensionality and interesting texture, it is durable and does not wear out over decades.

There is also a mirror mosaic. It’s easy to use on the surfaces of various shapes whether it is a simple smooth surface or a curved and hard-to-reach one for common mirrors. This mosaic is easy to clean, it does not tarnish or fade.

So many words! Just watch!


Mosaic chip is an original way out when you want to make a bright accent in the interior.


A wonderful mural by Ukrainian ceramic artists Detiles can decorate the interior of the stylish man.


What a wonderful mosaic by Ukrainian wizards of ceramics Deliles that is so good for this Scandinavian interior!


Quite an interesting design solution to put mosaic on sink surface instead of walls or furniture. Very creative and non-trivial.


Mosaic and ceramic dishes can be a great combination. Just like here – look what a tenderness!

Mosaic Art

The interior of a bathroom from the Ukrainian studio MosaicArt.

A beautiful example of the bathroom mosaic design. It goes well with tiles and helps to dilute and diversify its monotony.

The kitchen with mosaic placers in the kitchen apron looks very stylish and nice. bathroom-interior-design-white-floating-table-for-vanity-and-square-mirror-with-mirrored-frame-detailed-mosaic-wall-accent-with-freestanding-classic-mirrored-side-table-with-pink-flower-whit

Pay attention to this charming mirror mosaic. Maybe it would win your heart?

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