22 October 2014 |

Sometimes we all need to be charged by a good doze of bright color. Especially when it’s the late of autumn, just like it is now. And though the sun is still shining brightly, it is getting colder and colder, it rains more frequently, the wind and fog are showing up forcing us to wrap ourselves in warm cloths.

So we decided to go hunting for some bright and joyful interior designs with colorful accents and details to bring you summer happiness back for a while. Just sit back in a comfortable chair, make a cup of your favorite tea and enjoy the photoset we’ve selected for you. We hope you’ll see the sun popping out in the clear blue sky, flowers blooming here and there, feel the warm wind blowing and hear the birds singing.

Spanish design website Nuevo Estilo


Wonderful blue sofas are upholstered in Designers Guild fabrics. White and blue striped chair is made by Vincent Sheppard. Yellow and pink oil paintings add a bright accent to the whole interior.

House and Garden


Here are some bright pieces that add some color to this white kitchen. A single color scheme of blue, pink and yellow perfectly looks against the crisp white walls.

Carrie Can Blog


Another perfect example of a white kitchen with bright colorful pieces.

Sachs Lindores Design

White color is always a clear canvas that allows realizing all your colorful dreams in the interiors. A couple of bright cushions, a nice colored bedspread and a bunch of flowers – here is your summer design.

Sköna Hem


A nice chandelier in silk pink shade looks soft and self-sufficient. Peculiar accent is made by the bright turquoise curtains, which provide complete darkness when it is necessary.

Home of Hanna Wessman


Another white kitchen with almost completely white design, except kitchen chairs and a lilac-pink carpet. Looks nice!

Lauren Bamford photography


Great example of how to add some color with the help of colored photos. Colorful table and chairs will also do well for this interior.



Gorgeous combination of deep blue color with white background and wooden furniture.

Home of Jenny Brandt


Delicate combination of soft pink and white.

Nuevo Estilo


Real summer serenity with blue and white textile and accessories pallet, which reminds the sea and the sky. Light and bright elements such as pink chairs looks wonderful against the natural wooden background.

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