Cosmic interior of Chinese bookstore

This bookstore of wisdom looks more like a multifunctional center with cosmic design where you can get by meteorite escalator.

The authors of design are specialists of Chu Chih-Kang Space. Fangsuo Commune is situated on the underground level, at the very center of noisy Chengdu (China). It represents the whole cultural center with its store, art gallery, coffee house, lounge area and spaces with designers’ cloths.

необычный интерьер магазина

красивый интерьер книжного магазина

While creating the space, Chinese architects were inspired by the story of famous emperor Xuanzhang and wished to make something like Sutra Depository – closed spaces for storing books, philosophical records and Buddhist treatises in Ancient China.

Some elements of the store’s interior design also remind of ancient premises – concrete columns and huge book stands reaching the very ceiling.

дизайн интерьера магазина

необычный интерьер

необычный интерьер книжного магазина

оригинальный дизайн

The designers decided that the interior conception should embrace future as well. So there are cosmic elements – star patterns applied on the entrance door and a huge meteorite escalator leading visitors to the main hall of the trade area.

This premise has rather unique shape – it looks like a spacious shed with the upper tier in the form of a passenger airliner cabin.

магазин дизайн

дизайн интерьер китай

interier kniznogo magazina v kitae

The escalator is a true masterpiece and is made of a copper-like material. It passes through the tunnel decorated with ancient letters. This construction embodies timelessness and is called to help relieving stress of the store’s visitors.

In general, the interior is made in a calm color palette with harmonious combination of materials that welcomes to have some rest and spend great time. Wood covering the columns and ceiling adds warmth and coziness to the whole space. The designer’s furniture makes the space closer to an untrained visitor.

дизайн интерьера книжного магазина

интерьер магазина в китае

оригинальный дизайн интерьера

интерьер магазина китай

In addition to the usual assortment of a bookstore, Fangsuo Commune also offers ancient Buddhist books and records written in mandarin language. Some visitors say that this is a great space not only for purchases but for meditations as well.

оригинальный интерьер

книжный магазин в китае интерьер

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