Coziness and style of Nejen Bistro in Prague

Nejen Bistro is situated in Karlin, the district of Prague that was dramatically affected by flood in 2002 – the strongest natural disaster for the last hundred years.




That year’s events have directly influenced the bistro interior design. The walls of the establishment that were targeted by destructive impact of water were totally renovated. Designers removed all the finish from the walls and exposed the brick under it. The rest of the bistro elements were plastered.




However the main motif of the interior design of the bistro is interconnection between the restaurant and the kitchen. Both areas together form a single opened space where everybody sees everything and nothing is hidden from the eyes of visitors.




Like the cuisine offered in the restaurant, its interior is totally eco-friendly and clean, without unneccesary additives. Nothing is hidden in it except the passageway through the library. All furniture pieces are made of pine timber.



When the night falls, special illumination is switchen on in the bistro that turns the establishment into a pleasant and intimate place, perfect for degustation of splendid wines. Lighting is arranged with the help of original bundles of softly shining lighting devices from Edison light bulbs collection.

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