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Imagine that you’ve rented a flat and now you step through the door of it. It seems everything is ok with the flat – there are new windows, modern plasma TV set and a great view through the kitchen windows. But bedroom furniture is bulky and flaked floor in the hall spoil the overall picture and there is no cosiness at all.

But don’t be upset because it’s easy to turn your rental flat into a cozy place. Read our advices.

In majority of cases a rental flat comes with somebody’s rugs, cupboards and chairs. Often the owners bring unnecessary stuff and lumber here.

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First take away all unnecessary things to the balkony or the cellar. Then make thorough cleaning. After that start to breathe a new life full of your individuality into the flat.

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Change textile. Cover the sofa with a new plaid, buy bright covers for cusions, lay original sits on the old chairs, and cover the table with a sweet cloth. Textile does real miracles with the interior.

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If there is no opportunity to change wall-papers, decorate the walls. Use, for instance, vinil lables – there are many types of them at the market. You can glue then to any surface and take them away when you need.

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The floor is often far from perfect in rental flats. If you don’t have an opportunity to change it, use linoleum over the floor and take away the owners’ rug. If you wish to have warmer floor, buy a new rug or several mats.

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You can paint the furniture, glue it over with tape or simply refresh lacquer. Cover a cracked table top with a new chipboard or a shit of glass, lay beautiful napkins on the shelves. Put vases, new lamps, your favorite ornamentals and photos everywhere. You can use photos to decorate one of the walls as well.

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Refresh the interior with indoor plants in stylish pots. Use them in all rooms. Don’t buy expansive exotic flowers – simple violets will immediately revive the space.

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The water closet plays great role in any flat. Buy nice curtain for the shower, put the rug on the floor and hang towels to match it. Select a new chip set for bathroom as well.

дизайн интерьера

Don’t be afraid to experiment, follow the common designer’s solution and you’ll make your temporary residence cozy and stylish.

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