Decorative fireplace for apartment: 20 beautiful designs

21 June 2016 |

Fireplace is a symbol of hearth, coziness and warmth. Large, small, luxurious and simple – they were used for hundred years to heat people’s houses. It is hard to imagine hot fire in an apartment. But what if you dream about having a fireplace? Then choose decorative fireplaces.

Decorative fireplaces for apartments look like real fireplaces but don’t require additional furnace and chimney. And it’s easy to make them with your own hands.

декоративные камины для квартиры фото

The frame of a decorative fireplace portal is made of wood, stone, drywall and metal. False fireplaces can be conditional, typical and authentic.

Authentic fireplaces don’t have a chimney – there is a bio- or electrical burner inside. These fireplaces are decorated with tiles, stone or wall-paper.

камин декор фото

Typical decorative fireplace is made on the wall without a special niche. Conditional fireplace represents a fireplace with a hollow in the wall imitating a furnace hole. To provide some volume, the niche is decorated with reflective surfaces.

декоративный камин

дизайн камина в доме фото

декоративный каминный портал фото

In a spacious living-room in classic or shabby style one’d better use a conditional fireplace with natural or artificial stone portals. It is embellished with wide shelf, deep hole for candles, flower compositions, books and logs.

In hi-tech rooms a decorative fireplace also can serve as a TV-area and an independent interior element. It is decorated with flowers, candles, electric garlands and twigs.

If you have a bedroom in Provence or classic style, choose a fireplace made in warm light shades. A mirror above the fireplace will make it an original dressing table.

дизайн интерьера гостиной с камином фото

декоративные камины фото

камины декоративные фото

Candles are widespread decor elements for fireplaces. They can be of different thickness and height, installed in furnace holes or on a shelf, or put into chandeliers.

The furnace niche is also embellished with images of fire. Select proper illumination and your fireplace will “burn” creating special atmosphere.

A decorative fireplace in kid’s rooms can be used for storing toys or creation. The deeper the niche is, the happier your kid will be.

дизайн зала с каминой

Decorative fireplaces in apartments are great both for elderly couples and for young families with kids. A room with a decorative hearth inclines for rest, family coziness and pleasant leisure.

декоративный камин фото

дизайн каминов в интерьере

камин декоративный фото

камины декоративные

камин декор

дизайн каминов в интерьере фото

дизайн камина в доме

дизайн интерьера гостиной с камином

декоративный портал для камина

декоративный каминный портал

декоративные камины

декоративный портал для камина фото

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