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The design of this Berlin apartment is a result of work of interior stylist and famous blogger Sarah Van Peteghem. At the first sight of the apartment your eye is caught by an interesting solution – fabric lampshades with 5-metre-long draped cables that are randomly twisted around the room.


Sarah Van Peteghem, who runs her blog called Coco Lapine, decided to use products made by German company Llot Llov to make reconstruction of this 100-year-old apartment located in Berlin district Prenzlauer Berg.

The designer who also lives in Berlin was tasked to create an interior design of a studio-apartment for Fantastic Frank company that works in real estate and strives to create the whole history for each object in its portfolio in order to help customers feel themselves really at home.


Peteghem told she didn’t want to create an ordinary home with a sofa and TV-set, but tried to find a contemporary approach to the home space arrangement.


The designer selected light fabric lampshades and long fabric cables that create interesting structures against the background of white-washed walls and light wooden floor.


The twisted lights cables stretch from plug sockets to the high ceilings of the flat.


I kept everything very simple so that the lighting would get most attention and the high ceilings of the building would be accentuated

Two lamps in grey and vinous shades are intertwined above a white pine desk that usually is used as office table, thus forming the center of the kitchen.


The table by Clark provided with built-in storage spaces – large wooden boxes that are fixed to one side – was used by the designer as a dining table. She laid it with grey and white ceramics by Vipp.

I like the difference between the curves of the cups and bowls against the sharp angles of the desk


There is a collection of original stools placed around the room that are intended to help customers see where furniture may be positioned. One of the stools, for example, is an upturned metal basket with thick cork seat.


Vegetables, herbs and pot plants placed along the counter in the kitchen and windowsills together with the lamps bring color accents against the pale interior.


Greens are a very important part of my styling. Especially in a white and bright apartment like this one

We see the effect of it: greenery of Chinese evergreen plant called aglaonema, yucca and various herbs pop out from the white kitchen walls.

I think plants are one of these things that make a house feel like a home


For the bedroom the designer selected a series of lights without shades thus having created a “woolen tangle” over the bed, decorated with two embroidered monochrome pillows.

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