Design of Italian restaurant in Latvia

Giardino restaurant and club, which is located in a central part of Urmala (Latvia) offers sophisticated interior and gorgeous cuisine.

Giardino complex is an individually standing two-story classical mansion. The area makes up 1041 sq.m.

фото рестораны дизайн

дизайн интерьера ресторана

The owners of the complex wanted to have a modern restaurant and make it fit unique architectural style of the city.

Designers were inspired by architecture of Riga seashore of the beginning of the twentieth century and luxury mansions of the Italian coast of Liguria.

From the outside the building is finished with natural Italian travertine stone. The front is embellished with neoclassic decor, columns and wooden bay windows. The roof is covered with a special cover containing titanium-zinc that is oxidized with time obtaining a nice green shade. Mediterranean atmosphere is underlined by elegant veranda and conservatory.

Winding stairs leading to the second level and enveloping the hall is the main accent of the restaurant interior. Stair opening is decorated with gorgeous 3,64-meters high chandelier that consists of hundreds glass plates.

дизайн интерьера кафе ресторана фото

дизайн ресторанов и кафе

дизайн рестораны интерьера

The floor is covered by oak toned slabs with beautiful texture. The areas with high moisture conditions are covered by stone tiles.

First level of the mansion is divided into two parts. First one includes a cafe and a small store offering Italian delicacies. The second one is a restaurant. The interior is classical Italian with a slight touch of retro that is underlined by some decor elements like a vintage coffee machine.

Italy also can be seen in Venetian plaster on the walls, wine stands, bay windows and reproductions with Italian landscapes.

рестораны дизайн

ресторан дизайн

ресторан дизайн интерьера

дизайн ресторанов и кафе фото

дизайн ресторана

дизайн интерьера кафе ресторанов

дизайн интерьера кафе ресторана фото

The second level of the mansion features a complex of spacious adjoining rooms: a library with a fireplace, a bar and a club hall. The interior of the rooms is made in elegant grey color. Bright color accents are provided by soft furniture upholster – turquoise and wine shades.

Ground floor contains a wine cellar and a degustation hall. There is professional equipment that allows storing opened bottles with collection wine without spoiling its quality and taste.

фото ресторан дизайн

дизайн ресторан фото

дизайн интерьера кафе ресторана

дизайн интерьера кафе ресторана

дизайн ресторан

ресторан дизайн интерьера

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