Design of studio apartment of Ukrainian football player

8 February 2016 |

Bright interior of this Ukrainian apartment completely reflects the owner’s lifestyle – he is a professional football player from Ukraine.

The authors of this design project of studio apartment are the architects from ARS-IDEA. Three-room apartment with the area of 120 sq.m. in the center of Lvov (Western Ukraine) has been transformed into a stylish space for living and rest.

студия квартира дизайн фото

дизайн гостиной фото

дизайн квартир студия

Before reconstruction the premise was a space with two separate bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room and a bathroom. The architects first changed the plan. They joined the living room, the kitchen and the hall into one functional zone. They also made the sleeping area an isolated private territory.

Studio apartment design is made in industrial style, with raw surfaces and dark tones. Coldness of the interior design is warmed up by bright decor elements, nice textile and Italian designer’s furniture.

Apartment interior looks juicy and youth due to the original designer’s tricks. Thus, the wall in the hall was embellished with posters featuring famous players, and chair covers in the dining area were decorated with team numbers of the player’s sportsmen friends.

дизайн квартира студия фото

дизайн студии кухня гостиная

дизайн гостиной

A TV-area in the living room is equipped with the home cinema and a projector suspended under the ceiling. To add romance, coziness and comfort the designers provided the area with a bio-fireplace.

The bedroom design is made in dominating dark chocolate shades. Note an interesting designer’s trick – combination of the water closet area and the bedroom: the bath is separated from the bed with a semi-transparent lattice.

студия квартира дизайн

дизайн спальни

дизайн спальни фото

The tube is placed right at the center of the room. Plasma TV-panel with rotating mechanism hangs on the partition wall above it. The TV-set can be turned when necessary thus the area is visible both from the bedroom and the water closet. Parts of the walls of the lounge area are decorated with hexagonal mirrors copying the pattern of tiles in the bathroom. The football theme is opened here as well because these hexagons form the ball.

Illumination of the apartment was made using modern LED-technologies. The apartment is also equipped with Smart System.

In 2015 the interior of the apartment was nominated at the Ukrainian architectural competition Interior of the Year.

студия квартира дизайн

дизайн спальни

дизайн квартиры студия фото

дизайн квартира студия

дизайн ванной

Фото: arsidea

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