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Diego Revollo is an architect and interior designer who lives in São Paulo, Brazil. He is designing apartments or houses, combining textures, materials and colors.


So where Revollo makes it all happen?

Diego Revollo is an organized person; his team follows a schedule for almost everything. The designer has a good plan how to do everything to satisfy his customers.


The designer says his office demonstrates his main values in work: an international environment with elegance and beauty. All white structure is in contrast with the black color of the floor completed with fine furniture to bring personality to the office.

The office has two separated rooms with a sliding door between them.


The space is totally redesigned to meet the needs of Revollo. The designer says he had the chance to do everything he wanted and needed when redesigning his office. So he wouldn’t change anything, he said.



Revollo record his ideas on a sheet of paper. He makes sketch and then, after discussing the ideas with his team, the approved one goes to the computer and saved.

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Revollo’s design is represented in the decoration and furniture of his office. He considers the chairs are great – he is a big fan of designed chairs and has eight different types of them in a small space. In addition, he has pieces of art and some decorative objects.

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This year, the designer was invited for the first Armani Casa in Brazil. This was an honor to him as he considers Giorgio Armani to be a symbol of beauty, luxury and elegance, and there are values Revollo always seeks with his projects.

Currently Revollo is working on a contemporary loft. The challenge about this loft was to make it absolutely white but preserving the coziness. He avoided the coldness of a white environment just adding wood to bring a Scandinavian atmosphere and keep the environment contemporary. Besides, the apartment is automated with intelligent system of temperature, sound and lights.


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