16 April 2015 |

Long ago an elegant house was filled with luxury, much textile, glitters and beads. This kind of houses suffocated on the accessories that are completely out of date now.


So what is the meaning of the elegance in design? How does a modern elegant house look like?


Clean lines and minimalism

We often see photos of modern houses filled with…well, filled almost with nothig. This minimalist aesthetic has its advantages: there is no clutter, the space remains clean due to the small amount of pieces, flooring is strong and easy to be cleaned. This type of rooms is great to relax in after a hard working day.

We think that elegance-2015 means clean lines. These clean lines can be achieved in any modern house by just not cluttering the space with things, accessories and complex furniture. Minimalism doesn’t simply relax and culms down in modern feverish life – this style allows standing out interesting designer’s and architectural elements.

But what if you’re not a fan of minimalism? Then find out how to create the elegant interior in your house.


What if you don’t like minimalism?

No matter what, many people wish their houses to be filled with many favorite things. They see their interiors light and clean but want them to remain more “homely”.

True, clean lines is the first step to elegance but this doesn’t mean that you need to choose minimalism for your house. A house that emanates culture, balanced color palette and your character, is already elegant.



We can’t live without these devices – wires, iPads, chargers. There is no more effective way to distroy the elegant design than to clutter it with all these things.

How to preserve elegance with wires and devices? Just make your house technologically smart. Designers and constructors develop modern houses with everything you need in your house: smart automatics, energy efficient systems, charging units, virtual climate controls, virtual security systems. And you can control all of them just pushing one button.


Elegant colors in 2015

We can’t talk about elegance in design without considering colors. Though a color palette is everybody’s personal choice, there are several trendy shades that embody elegance this year.

For instance, truly popular raddish-burgundy color Marsala by Pantone. This is an exquisite enchanting shade that involves us into its comprehensive warmth. Isn’t it elegant? But some designers don’t think so, considering this color to be depressive.


If you agree with this, pay attention to other elegant and super-fashionable colors. Sherwin-Williams offered its top-40 of shades in 2015. We wish to especially note the Chrysalis palette that includes muted and soft grеyish and green shades.


So, what is elegance in 2015? We think all abovementioned elements are embodiments of the new meaning of elegance: minimalism, clean lines, eclectic mixes and muted shades.

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