Elegant design of an old house in Vancouver

20 January 2016 |

Reconstruction of this large wooden house where there was no repair for 60 years is really stunning. The design of the house has been transformed beyond recognition but many pieces and elements of the old interior were used in the new one.

When this old ranch in Vancouver (Canada) got to the hands of the designers it reminded a cluttered and abandoned garage. The flooring and the walls were in a poor state, many wooden elements of finishing have rotted and deteriorated. But the designers decided to preserve and restore all authentic elements.

The highlight of the new design has become a fireplace. It is a central point of the house and was left almost unchanged. A wooden frame near the fireplace zone was restored and lacquered. The old elements looks pretty nice against the background of dark beams and brickwork.

дизайн дома

дизайн домов

дизайн деревянных домов

Many partition walls in the house were demolished to free space. The designers also added several new windows. So, at day the rooms are filled with natural light. There are also the oblong windows in the upper part of the walls that widened the space, made the ceiling look visually higher and added light to the premises.

The walls’ brickwork in the living room was also decided to be preserved. The old wooden flooring had to be replaced with a new covering.

Book shelves in the living room are also the old timers. They were slightly transformed and restored.

дизайны дома

дом и дизайн

дизайн кухни для дома

The kitchen design was completely modernized – the designers left only a beautiful curved chair and several potters. The old premise reminded a small dark closet hidden from the eyes. This area was perfectly combined with the living room. A new bay window added coziness to the rooms.

дизайн дома фото

кухня в доме дизайн

дом фото дизайн

The designers also provided a free access from the rooms to the yard behind the house. They made the door from the home office to the internal yard.

фото дизайна домов

дизайн проект домов

дизайн и проект дома

The rear part of the house that had never been used before has been transformed into the lounge zone and a spacious bathroom. The lounge zone was equipped with an electrical fireplace, a TV-zone, and a beautiful bookcase. A long white sofa is the old one like the painting hanging above the fireplace.

The bathroom has bay windows, the marble flooring, beautiful modern fitments, the walls are painted crispy white. A massive cedar shield closes the room from the outside.

дизайн частного дома

дизайн внутри дома фото

дизайны частных домов фото

дизайн деревянный дом

дизайн загородного дома

The front of the house was also restored and has new finishing. Totally, transformation of the windows design, increase of the number of the doorways made the new interior even better.

дизайн окон в доме

дизайн перед домом

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