Farshid Moussavi – famous London architect – has redesigned three floors of an old Georgian building, which is located in the West End. She created the first shop for a fashion brand of Victoria Beckham.

дизайн магазина Бэкхем

The shop that was designed by Farshid Moussavi Architects, is located at 36 Dover Street, near Comme des Garcons’ Dover Street Market.

The guests of the shop can get inside through the cast concrete central entrance that echoes the proportions of the windows of the building’s first floor.
зал магазина Бэкъем
First floor is furnished by custom-made furniture and has concrete floors and the ceiling coated with mirrored stainless still – the material, which was actively used by Moussavi in her previous projects, including the Ohio’s angular Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland.

Four bearing columns on this level are surrounded by glass cases that are used to display the sunglasses of Victoria’s design.
магазин Бэкхем
Four-meter concrete flight of stairs is in the foreground. It leads up to the plain white wall, which is used for projecting of images of Victoria’s collections. The same flight is leading downstairs, to the bottom level.
витрина с одеждой в магазине Бэкхем
The floor and ceiling have diagonal sections that were cut away to create visual relationship between three levels on the space of 560 square meters. These holes of triangular shape hold staircases, and transparent glass balustrades add a feeling of openness.

On the first floor Moussavi created the latticed ceiling made of cast concrete with gaps accommodating illumination in them.
витрины с сумками
The entire shop is pierced by chains of white-gold color that are used for hanging clothes. The chains are fixed to special tracks in the ceiling that can be moved away to free space for other displays and installations. The rest of space is equipped with zigzagging metal sticks, hanging on wires.

Shelves in the shop are made of the very thin material and are retracted into the walls.
магазин Виктории Бэкхем
“When you come into the store, it’s a real gem with a very special energy about it. We didn’t realise how big it was until we knocked the walls down,” said Victoria Beckham.

As Victoria says, Moussavi has an amazing sense of style, is a very strong woman, understands fashion well and had never worked in a retail sphere before. So, she was attracted by this. The singer added that they spent a lot of time and efforts to make everything look minimalistic and stylish.
торговый зал магазина Бэкхем
The designer used American walnut and green colored glass for fitting rooms and cash desk. Similar wood was used for creation of modular benches that stand along the walls of the triangular holes.
ВВиктория Бэкхем в своем магазине
Для отделки прилавков и встроенных витрин была использована нержавеющая сталь, так же, как и для колонн и потолка на нижнем уровне.
Виктория Бэкхем
The London’s shop was opened at the end of September. It became the first shop of Victoria Beckham.

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