Five populartrends in interior design for 2016

5 January 2016 |

Despite the fact that we are not the adherents of strict following all new and developing trends in interior design, we still feel the pulse to know what is going to capture the world of the big design in the nearest future.

Fortunately, the year 2016 promises to be rich for interesting trends and our dwellings are going to be the reflection of the surrounding world.

Trend 1: Let the nature come in


Living plants were always in trend but in the past year we’re watching dynamic return of the 70’s fashion – hanging and wall flower pots, as well as the old principle “larger is better”.



Besides, natural wooden surfaces are in trend again. From the raw plywood to the varnished furniture – traditional painted surfaces are fading away. Natural uncovered texture – that’s the fashion today.



Shapes in the interiors become more organic and natural. From modern stream-lined tables of noble species of wood in Live Edge style, artificial and natural fur to the hand-made crockery – all this indicates that we’re going back to nature and open the doors of our houses to it.

Trend 2: Hand-made objects

As people become more confident about their eco-friendly life-style and what mark they are going to leave on this planet, they start choosing hand-made products of local craftsmen in all fields.


The customer-2016 wishes to “distinctly feel the hand of the master” in each interior element. According to Polly Dickens, the creative director of large furniture and home furnishings supplier Habitat, the customers like feeling connection with the creator of an object.


If you purchase hand-made products at the local independent designer, you benefit not only ecologically but economically as well. This also means that your friends and relatives won’t have the same item that gives you the opportunity to start creating your personal unique collections of your favorite objects in a single copy.

Trend 3: Warm metals 




Gold and brass make any space warmer; the reflective surfaces diffuse the light around the room. Some nice sparkling accents will add rich and glam look independently of your individual style.




Metal trays, polished golden ware, modern brass lighting devices – all this can become the highlight of your interior. But avoid too shining elements in the 90’s style – just a semigloss surface with a light glare.

Trend 4: Ethnic elements 



Ethnic and geometric elements will also play a great role in this year’s interiors. From the Eastern mosaics in kitchen to the Moroccan cushions in living room – such kind of boho-style creates warm and comfortable atmosphere.


Add some texture and color to the space using knitted accessories, and look for Moroccan or Turkish rugs that will blow the feeling of history and adventures in your house.

Trend 5: Mixed materials 

This year the playful mixes of materials will be everywhere – from coffee tables to chopping boards. Use more classic combinations like marble with wood or more unexpected mixes like concrete and gold.



If you keep an eye on design trends, you’ll receive an inexhaustible source of inspiration for your home’s decorating. Although purchasing the most popular objects might seem the simplest thing, you’d better choose what you really like. Just let the trends bring the fresh stream to your interior design.

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