Floor design: hints and advices

22 June 2016 |

The floor often stays behind the rest of the interior but it shouldn’t. Floor design should be expressive and enhance all other elements of space.


But selection of the floor design can become a true challenge for an owner as the assortment of decorative flooring is really huge.

We’ve prepared a wonderful guide for you to determine what is the best floor right for your interior design.


Think about function of space

When it comes to the floor design selection, functionality is extremely important. Flooring can both embellish a room and spoil it despairingly.

Of course, different premises have different requirements. For instance, for a kitchen or a hall flooring one should choose firmer covering that is easily washed and will stand active usage well. In a bedroom the flooring should be softer and warmer.

If simplicity of washing is important to you, use firmer and harder coverings like wood or tiles. If you really care about ecology, consider using bamboo flooring. And if you need true comfort, then focus on selection of high-quality rugs.


Consider personal style

Of course, choose the flooring design you like most of all. Read some articles and look at photographs to be inspired for your own design creation. Then don’t be lazy and visit stores and show-rooms where you can examine and touch your future floor covering.

Besides, choose the flooring to match the rest of coverings in your home. It should correspond with a common style and fluently spill over from one room to another.

An advice: the floor is a place where one shouldn’t strictly follow the latest trends. As it is rather hard and expensive to replace, better choose neutral materials to create universal and durable design. Use covering of such color and texture to perfectly match the majority of shades in the interior.


Think about durability

Making of the new flooring is a process that takes more than one day. So choose materials that will “grow” with your home.

For instance, if you’re a young couple with little kids who often bring surprises like spilled liquids and fallen objects, wait for several years before making expensive wood floor covering. Composite materials are cheaper and less fragile but look great.

Besides, be interested in the matters of exploitation and maintenance. Read articles in the Internet about maintaining of this or that floor covering and follow all necessary rules.


Cosider your budget

Cost of the floor coverings always fluctuates much. For example, the price of laminated plastic can be ten times lower than the price of luxurious marble tiles. This huge difference means that you need to make some investigation before starting your floor design and make it on your own before you invite a contractor. This will allow you to calculate different variants and get comprehension of how much material you will need for your floor covering.

Fortunately, if you wish to save a little, there are many ways to do that. Consider some good models of laminated plastic instead of purchasing extremely expensive wood. Or ask your contractors whether they have residues of materials from their old objects to use them creatively for your home flooring design.

Don’t forget about cost of additional services – installation and delivery. Consider all these points when making up your estimate and leave a small reserve for possible unforeseen costs.


It’s really easy to be confused when you see the diversity of the floor coverings offered at the market. Although these materials stay somewhat behind when doing reconstruction, it is worth to pay special attention to them. Follow our simple rules – they’ll help you to narrow your searching field and find exactly what is good for your interior, your budget and your lifestyle.

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