2 July 2014 |

People are clever, that’s for sure. Over the years, designers have come up with some ingenious ways to maximize space in smaller homes, from hanging beds to shockingly chic folding chairs.

These three table options are smart additions to the club, and each one puts a new twist on the classic folding table.

space_1 space_2 space_3

  1. Have a gorgeous picture you’ve been waiting to frame? If you live in cramped quarters, you may want to consider this clever frame that unfolds into a table. $2199 at Ivy Design.
  2. Steuart Padwick’s Double Cross table transitions easily from colorful console to pretty dining table. $1390 at Steuart Padwick.
  3. Don’t want to take up precious kitchen space with a full-time table? This island from Elmar Cucine features a table that can be folded down for storage.
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