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Geometry and transformation of sofas and armchairs have been revived. 42 years after presentation of the first series of soft modular furniture Louis Vuitton set the trend of the 70s’ style. The author and mastermind of the project was French designer avant-gardist Pierre Paulin.

модульная мягкая мебель Louis Vuitton

The designer is expected to create a usable object that embodies poetry and elegance

Пьер Полен

This definition was given by Pierre Paulin to his creations in far 1972 when he was a little known master of soft furniture design. He worked out samples of armchairs and sofas for the American company – manufacturer of office furniture Herman Miller. Pierre Paulin’s wish to make revolution in the furniture industry and create sofa of the future wasn’t appreciated by the company. The project had stuck for 42 years. In 2014 after the famous designer’s death the idea was revived by Louis Vuitton and called the “Forms-play”.

мягкая мебель Louis Vuitton, «Игра форм»

The Paulin’s project was worked out to allow user аssembling and disassembling sofas, armchairs and stools. 18 unique units that have never been displayed anywhere, can be easily composed and varied regardless of the room dimensions. The main thing is to bring the feeling of comfort and safety and the opportunity to equip home according to one’s needs.

мягкая мебель Louis Vuitton, «Игра форм»

Functionality and innovations are the priorities of the Paulin’s works. Who would have thought that in the 70s’ the guru of design would make a transformer armchair or a rug-seat.

мягкая мебель Louis Vuitton, «Игра форм»

The idea of the revived project is a synergy of novations with traditional comfort priority. Paulin always tried to show his child out of time. Smooth and flowing lines of chairs and sofas later were used by many famous designers as well as the principle of the modular furniture. It was Paulin who invented the way to allot the furniture the freedom of form and volume that he demonstrated in far 1950s’.

 мебель Louis Vuitton, «Игра форм»

The “Forms-play” consists of several constituents. Some pieces of furniture can be varied individually, others involve the interior arrangement. The main idea is the creation of the varying design.

мягкая мебель Louis Vuitton, «Игра форм»

Louis Vuitton was not constrained by “Forms-play” recreation. The sofa by Pierre Paulin has been already used in one of the brend’s shows.

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