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Modern design for a young master is a huge field of action: it is a challenge, it is a deviation from standards and norms, it is an experiment, freedom and confidence.

Young Italian designer Edoardo Petri accepted this challenge. The master received an order from a customer who wished to transform his garage into comfortable dwelling with open planning.


One of the main tasks was to widen the space with the help of bright light coming through large windows and holes in the walls and the ceiling, to bring an effect of a home patio. Besides, the customer wanted to make the most intimate zones independent from each other and preserve the space uniqueness.


Petri used transparent and semi-transparent walls and dividers that form the spaces with different meaning and functions. The designer created an interior that is behind the time and space, and that ideally contrasts with an external green building cover.


The garage is divided into three zones: the main center with a kitchen, a dining room and a living room with large French windows, and two side premises. One of them includes a bedroom and a bathroom, and another one is made as a dining room and a multi-functional area, which can carry any function the owners like to: today it is a living room or a guest bedroom with module folding sofas, and tomorrow it will be an office or a relax zone.



The whole interior is made in clean white color with light wooden and plasterboard constructions and dividing walls made of smoky-colored glass. This light palette is added by black and grey furniture, as well as steel and grey elements. Natural wood furniture looks amazing against the palette – tables, chairs and countertops.


The white space and LED-lighting bring the feeling of floating in the space. Everything is pierced by philosophy of purity and lightness. Each place of the former garage provides visual and physical connection, everything looks harmonic and holistic. Smart lighting and considered details bring coziness and the feeling of truly unique style.

garage-design-11 garage-design-10 garage-design-09

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