Gorgeous interior of a hostel in Venice

30 September 2015 |

Stunning decoration of rooms in Generator hostel astonishes everybody who comes there for the first time and hotel reservation websites are full of the visitors’ highest estimates.

Gorgeous interior of the hostel has been developed by DesignAgency bureau. Their project changes all that you may know about hostels like featureless and dull rooms crowded by beds.

интерьер холла хостела в Венеции

The hostel is situated in the old building of former granary, on Giudecca island, right on the bank of the channel. This is the case when the interior design of premises contrasts with external appearance of the building. Its front remained almost unchanged but this can’t be said about internal part of the house.

Reconstruction of the house finished in 2013 and from the very first days of the hostel’s opening the flow of visitors keeps pouring in.

здание хостела в Венеции

здание хостела в Венеции

фасад здания хостела в Венеции

Interior design immediately strikes the visitors when they enter the central hall. Massive oak furniture harmonically blends with leather sofas. A special feature of the design is attached by the brick walls without finish. Industrial style that the designers wanted to emphasize is also expressed by massive ceiling beams. The rooms of the hostel are finished more modest but also very stylishly and qualitatively.

интерьер комнат хостела в Венеции

интерьер бара хостела в Венеции

интерьер хостела в Венеции

All premises of the building are united by parti-coloured floor tiles. Wall covering in living premises is multifarious – from bright flower patterns to calm pastel shades. The floor is covered by wood.

The hostel can accomodate to 260 guests at a time. The visitors have opportunity to select common rooms as well the mixed and female rooms. Each guest has an individual cabinet.

интерьер лаунж зоны хостела в Венеции

дизайн интерьера холла в хостеле в Венеции

Gorgeous lobby invites everybody to spend time to their taste. There is twenty-four-seven free Wi-Fi, a billiard table and several cozy lounge areas with soft furniture. There is also a restaurant in the adjacent premise.

Price per night in this hostel varies from 23 to 130 euro per one guest. Breakfasts are served for extra payment – 3.5 euro per a person.

интерьер семейного номера хостела в Венеции

интерьер жилых помещений хостела в Венеции

интерьер жилой комнаты хостела в Венеции

дизайн интерьера комнаты в хостеле в Венеции

интерьер бара хостела в Венеции

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