Gorgeous mountain villa in rustic style

12 January 2016 |

This beautiful timber house located in the mountains makes you fall in love with it from the very first sight – its stunning rustic interior has perfectly blended with the surrounding landscapes.

Three-storyed villa The Pointe is situated in the neighbourhood of one of the most popular American skiing resorts Big Sky in Montana state. A personal touch of the interior is the naked stone, logs and minimal amount of decor.

дизайн дома в рустикальном стиле

дом в рустикальном стиле

рустикальный стиль дом

The authors of this unique project are the architects of Pearson Design Group, which also specializes in construction of this kind of mountain chalet. The studio developed The Pointe design. The author of the interior is Carole Young.

The architects didn’t used concrete and smooth surfaces and did the right thing. The house with this abundance of natural wood and raw textures perfectly harmonizes with the mountain and wood landscape around. The atmosphere of the rooms invites to have comfort time and lounge.

дизайн гостиной в рустикальном стиле

дизайн кухни в рустикальном стиле

дизайн спальни в рустикальном стиле

The interior is rustic with country motifs that bring special charm and coziness. The main accent in rustic interiors is a raw uncovered beauty given by nature. Just natural textures and neutral shades.

The house is multilevel due to the hilly landscape. It has a living room, a kitchen, a dining room, several bedrooms, water closets, a basement and wine cellar. It also features many windows that fill the house with natural light.

дизайн столовой в рустикальном стиле

дизайн ванной в рустикальном стиле

гостиная в рустикальном стиле

There is also a nice open patio with the fireplace near the modern kitchen. It is great to meet and have fun with friends or spend time alone with a cup of favorite tea.

Currently the villa is proposed for rent to everybody who wishes to spend vacation among majestic peaks and combine all this with skiing.

интерьер спальни в рустикальном стиле

интерьер столовой в рустикальном стиле

патио в рустикальном стиле

рустикальный стиль в интерьере

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